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The Three Piece Suit


Three Easy Pieces

Like hats, Chesterfield coats, French-cuffed shirts, spectator shoes and all the goodies that make up classic boulevardier style (anyone for a boutonniere?) the three-piece suit is imbued with a sartorial magic that gives its wearer instant swagger. If you don't know what we're talking about, try one and see what all the fuss is about.

As classic as it gets, but still comparatively rare enough to be an individual style stamp, the three-piece suit deserves a place in every man's wardrobe, and not just in the dead of winter. Our Super 100's Suit Separates are perfect for unpredictable spring weather, come in four colors, and give you the option of piecing together arguably the most formal suit you can wear: a double-breasted with vest. Now that's style to spare.

For another swagger-loaded option that will all but ensure you're the most originally dressed guy at any event, try our Three-Piece Sharkskin Suit, in a wool and silk blend with subtle sharkskin sheen. The vest even comes with lapels for added rakishness.

Our vests, or waistcoats in English tailoring parlance, come with adjustable satin backs for a form-flattering fit. They also offer several optional tricks for the advanced dresser. First off, tradition gently suggests leaving the bottom button undone for a dash of nonchalance. This custom is attributed to Edward VII, who lent his name to the Edwardian era. Next, vests allow you to really arch your necktie, a signature of the most elegant gentlemen. Use a tie bar beneath the vest to give the tie a healthy arch, and note how well the vest frames it.

Finally, vests give you the option of wearing a pocket watch and chain. If you're lucky like me, you've got your grandfather's. There was a time when vests were needed for an extra layer of warmth in frigid office buildings, and the advent of central heating certainly helped dim their popularity. But Paul Fredrick's modern three-pieces are made from lighter fabrics, allowing you to jump-start your style significantly with little threat of overheating.

And if you do find yourself a bit feeling a bit toasty indoors, simply remove the jacket and show of your well-tailored vest. Then roll up your sleeves and accessorize with billiard cue and a highball.

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