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Sport Coats of the Season

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Flip open our catalog any time of the year and you’ll no doubt immediately observe the superb quality and wide seasonal variety of our Sport Coat offerings. This Holiday season we’re proud to present an even greater range of marvelous tailored styles; these are a few of our biggest categories from the collection.


Velvet is the quintessential Holiday style. This luxurious, almost decadent fabrication has long been a special occasion favorite of dapper men since the Victorian Era. It’s generally worn as a formal jacket, often featuring the dressier shawl collar, and should be paired with simple but sharp accessories that will really let it shine. It can also be incorporated into sport coats made from other materials, like wool, and will contribute a touch of opulence with the addition of a velvet shawl collar.


Windowpane is the sort of pattern one can wear nearly anytime or anywhere. We’ve made it fresh for Holiday with the use of interesting textures and smart tailoring details, and of course by making great use of the season’s most exceptional tones. Stay conservative with a monochromatic windowpane or brighten things up via a more colorful route with an overbar in your favorite hue and a rakish tie; there are simply so many ways to wear it!

Seasonal Spotlight: Plaid

In its beginnings, Plaid was most popularly linked with Celtic cultures and proud sovereign Scottish kinfolk. Today, this celebrated centuries-old pattern has transcended cultures and flourished in modern men's fashion. Since we always like to give a nod to tradition in our designs, we’ve remained true to plaid’s roots by making our seasonal looks from 100% wool. Plaid as a category can describe a range of related yet rather diverse patterns – take a peek at plaid across categories and you’ll see exactly what we mean. This diversity extends into our Sport Coat collection with designs of varying size, color, and even texture. In any of its many variations, it is truly a standout pattern, and it’s a truly excellent choice for the season.

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