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Selecting a Knit / Sweater Fabric


Knit Wit: From merino to pima, linen to silk, this is all about knits.
Knits and wovens are two of those industry terms we in the clothing biz throw around. In common terms, what we’re talking about is pretty much sweaters and shirts, but not exclusively. Knits, which refers to fabric produced by pulling threads up and through each other, are how many short-sleeved tops for warm weather, such as polo shirts, are made, in addition to your favorite chunky winter sweaters.

Our knits come in long sleeve, short sleeve and vest options, with v-neck, crew, mock and polo collars. And many types of thread can be knitted into fabric. Here are some of our specialties:


Our cotton knits consist of pima and interlock, two terms that bear explaining. Pima is a type of long-staple cotton known for its superior softness, while interlock refers to a way of knitting based on closely interlocking stitches that provides an exceptionally smooth hand, great drape, and a bit of give for added comfort.

Spun Silk

We like to call this “the perfect knit” (not that the others aren’t great). Spun silk combines a luxurious touch with natural performance attributes. It doesn’t wrinkle and retains it shape, making it ideal for travel. It also resists pilling and fading. On the tactile side, it’s soft and comfortable with great visual texture as well


When it comes to knits, linen probably isn’t the first that comes to mind, but bringing you unexpected products is what makes our job fun. It's unique texture and comfortable breathability is perfect for summer when combined with a fabric like cotton.


The most common knit for fall and winter sweaters, wool is also a great seasonal transition fabric when made of the luxurious merino variety.

Our Merino wool is sourced from Woolmark, an Australian coalition known for producing the finest merino in the world. These superfine, high-quality fibers provide the magic combination of softness, elasticity, and durability. Merino is also an active fiber that reacts to changes in body temperature. Basically, it breathes when you’re hot and traps body warmth when you’re cold, making it ideal for changing seasons.

Finally, all our knits have the added virtue of versatility: Wear them tucked in with a sport coat and dress loafers for warm nights on the town or untucked with chinos and driving moccasins, no socks.

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