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Picking the Perfect New Year’s Eve Attire


Whatever you’re doing for New Year’s Eve – dancing until (or past) midnight, heading to a champagne soirée, or simply having a quiet evening with friends and family – you undoubtedly want to look your best. We’ve put together some ideas to help you pick the perfect attire for your celebration, from low key to high society.

Suave Lang Syne

It may not be possible to both stand out and blend in at the same time, but a black velvet striped sport coat certainly comes close to doing exactly that.Dark and conservative enough for more formal gatherings, the cotton velvet material will nonetheless give others a reason to strike up a conversation. Underneath, stick to a classic white dress shirt with a straight collar, but go big and bold with a gray paisley tie and a pocket square to really turn a few heads. Wool gabardine pants in gray will help your legs stay warm, while the whole ensemble will keep you looking cool, collected, and ready to face 2015 in style.

Outshine the Fireworks

What should everyone be paying attention to come midnight: loud flashy things in the sky, or you? If you answered the latter, a double-breasted, purple velvet blazer with peak lapels is exactly what you need. Pair it with a lilac houndstooth dress shirt, and pull it all together with a paisley woven silk tie and a pocket square with bordered squares. Or if you’re going more casual than cachet, wear a grey turtleneck underneath to show that you’re laid-back but still aware of your appearance. Whatever you end up covering with this plum-colored masterpiece, make sure everyone stands back so they don’t get seared by your brilliance!

Out with the Old (Dress Shirts)

If you already have a jacket of some kind, you can spruce up your New Year’s Eve ensemble with a new dress shirt. A black-and-white cotton number with raised satin stripes will complement a wide range of jacket colors, patterns, and styles. Or you may prefer something a little more subtle, like a white satin windowpane dress shirt that will add a little texture without striking too bold a note. Both of these dress shirts have straight collars and French cuffs perfect for a little cufflink bling to catch the eye of whoever may be glancing your way. Just be sure to pick out a tie that can rise to the challenge of crystallizing your combo into true haute couture.

Ring in the Footwear

Every man of style knows that it’s attention to detail that really makes him stand out. If you want to up your game on New Year’s Eve, eschew those old, scuffed-up shoes you wore to your second-cousin’s wedding and don a pair of black Italian velvet loafers. Comfortable and stylish, they’re suitable for standing and chatting at the bar, taking over the dance floor, and even kicking into the corner when the party finally shuts down and it’s time to flop into bed.

Search for More Options

Whatever the New Year holds in store for you, celebrate it right by looking your best. Browse our collection for even more styles to find the one that’s perfect for you.

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