Invest in a Paul Fredrick Dress Shirt
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Invest in a Paul Fredrick Dress Shirt


Here at Paul Fredrick, we’ve been in the business of crafting America’s finest dress shirts for over a half-century. Since we only sell direct at or via our catalog, we continue to be able to offer shirts that are priced as competitively as possible while still maintaining our rigorous quality standards.
So, why else should you invest in a Paul Fredrick dress shirt?

Superior Construction and Tailoring

The manufacturing materials we use are the best in the market, and our unique tailoring method, known as “single-needle” stitching, increases durability and reduces seam puckering. As a result of over a half-century of perfecting the art of manufacturing dress shirts, we have achieved a crisp appearance in our collars and cuffs and a very clean look overall.

High Quality Fabric

All of our dress shirts are 100% cotton and made with choice two-ply thread count, which accommodates bolder color and pattern and adds to the durability of the shirt. Our variety of durable, breathable, 100% cotton fabrics include Pinpoint Oxford Cotton, Imperial 100's Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, and Non-Iron Pinpoint or Broadcloth Cotton. Each high-quality fabric features a different look and feel, which combined with our many color and pattern offerings makes for a rich variety of choices for our customer.

Exceptional Durability

We previously mentioned our unique “single-needle” stitching method. While the benefits are quite clear, what you may not know is that this method also makes sewing slower and thus more costly, so most other companies do not use it. We do! The durability of our shirts is further maintained through the use of the secure “lockstitch” method, which ensures that any loose threads will not affect the integrity of the shirt.

Exclusive Practical Features

Most of our dress shirts feature removable as well as embedded collar stays, which keep the points of the collar laid perfectly. Additionally, we have developed the solutions for common shirt issues: a smaller neckband button and the altered position of the sleeve buttonhole makes fastening a breeze. Second, the spacing between the neckband and the first button on the front is shorter than between the rest of the buttons to achieve a neat, clean look when wearing the shirt without a tie. Third, the shirt tail is made slightly longer to ensure the shirt can be neatly and securely tucked into one’s trousers. These features make a Paul Fredrick dress shirt an obvious choice.

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee

We offer over 50 exact neck and sleeve length combinations in 3 different fits: Regular, which is cut generously for maximum comfort and Slim Fit, which is tapered 5” more in the chest to approximately 6” more at the waist. Our customer may also choose to customize his shirt using our custom dress shirt fabrics. The customer can select his size, collar, cuff, and other style options in almost any combination he likes. Additionally, we now offer Extra Slim Fit in our custom dress shirts and starting Fall 2015 in our regular collection as well.

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