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Fall Fashion Color Combinations for Men

As with any season, Fall has its very own color scheme. In the Summer, bright, sunny colors share the stage with pastels; in Fall, the trend leans toward deeper colors and rich jewel tones. We’re going to let you in on our very favorite color combinations for men’s Fall fashion – and show you how to create an outfit around these colors.

Combo #1: Plum and Gold

Plum is described as a derivative of purple, the color of royalty. This is one of the richest colors on the Fall palette and therefore it seems only fitting that it should be paired with gold.

Deep tones like plum, burgundy, and brown are indeed a perfect match for the season. Mixing a deep, rich plum with a vibrant metallic is a perfect way to add a luxe feel to your look without much effort. Pair plum with gold for special occasions and situations leaning towards formal.

Pairing plum and tan is more than suitable for the everyday. Other colors that work well with plum are navy, charcoal, burnt orange, and of course, classic white.

Our favorite way to wear these colors together is by sporting a rich plum blazer or tuxedo jacket and adding gold accessories, such as a pocket square or a watch. You can also do the reverse, with a gold/golden yellow sweater or blazer with plum tie and accessories for a black-tie event.

Combo #2: Lavender and Tan

Lavender is a second iteration of purple that is very on trend for Fall. This color is quite pleasing to the eye and is often associated with elegance and refinement. Lavender and tan is a popular Fall combo, and as a pairing, is conservative enough to be worn nearly anywhere. Lavender can also be paired with white, grey, navy, or darker shades of purple. Complementing lavender with black or charcoal pants is another easy way to wear this color at the office.

Combo #3: Blue and Orange

For those who embrace color, blue and orange is an exciting trend for Fall. Matching royal blue or turquoise and burnt orange – another wonderful seasonal color – results in an electric combination.

Navy blue and burnt orange (closer to ochre) is a similar, though more conservative, version of this look. Blue and orange are complementary colors and therefore work together beautifully. However, since orange can clash, we recommend wearing blue and accenting with orange. For example, match a navy suit with a dress shirt featuring orange patterning. Brown pants are also a perfect pairing for this combination.

Combo #4: Bordeaux and Bronze

If you thought plum and gold was luxe, wait until you try out Bordeaux and bronze! This lush combination brings together rich, wine-red hues with shimmering bronze. This look is inspired by the changing leaves and fall sunsets for a super stylish and coordinated ensemble.

This unique color combo is best suited for nighttime thanks to its rich, warm hues. Bordeaux and bronze is best suited for formal events rather than casual, but can be worn either way if styled correctly. For example, a killer casual outfit would include a Bordeaux sweater with a bronze belt and watch. You can totally wear this for a casual Friday or out to a semi-casual dinner with friends. For formalwear, we’d highly recommend a Bordeaux blazer with coordinating bronze accessories.

Bordeaux attire also pairs beautifully with black and white (say, a white dress shirt and black tie), rustic browns, and light greys.

Combo #5: Charcoal and Black

Charcoal and black is our final combination, and it’s the most lethal. This color combo is the perfect way to bring together neutrals for a stylish appearance that can range from edgy to professional, depending on how you style it. This fashion blend is inspired by the deep greys and early evenings in Fall and is a powerful way to convey strength and style at the same time.

Because it’s a combination of neutrals, charcoal and black can easily be worn for both formal and casual settings. It can easily be dressed up for day or night, depending on what you wear and how you style it.

Our absolute favorite way to wear this combo is by sporting a charcoal suit with black and white plaid or checkered dress shirt. You can add black shoes and accessories, such as a necktie or pocket square, for an easy upgrade to your look.

Other Combos - Monochromatics

An awesome addition to all Fall attire? Monochromatics. Trust us, they will be your new best friend. Monochromatic combinations bring together families of a similar hue that are all technically the same color with slight differences – for example: navy, light blue, pale blue grey, etc.

This combo is always on trend and looks sharp on anyone who wears it. It’s a surefire and easy way to look put together and coordinated from head to toe without much effort. Not to mention, accessorizing gets that much easier when you’re choosing pieces in the same color family!

This combination is perfectly suited for both day and night, formal and casual, depending, of course, on how you style it and which hues you choose. If you opt for a bold and bright color (like mint green and forest green), you can create an edgy business professional ensemble; whereas a dark and moody color (like light and dark grey) will instantly boost any formal attire.

Example Hues

Our favorite monochromatic combinations are reds, blues, and greys. You can easily coordinate a variety of reds for a put together look, pairing rich Bordeaux, moody plum, and bold scarlet with ease. Just be sure to mind your undertones when pairing reds – those with blue undertones tend to blend together and clash with those with yellow undertones. Wearing a rich burgundy blazer with a dark plum trim is one of our favorite ways to mix reds.

Blue monochromatics are much easier to string together, as they tend to share the same undertones. For example, you can easily wear a pair of navy plaid trousers with a light bluish gray dress shirt for a casual Friday and look effortlessly coordinated.

Gray takes it to an even easier level in terms of coordination. In fact, combining different shades of gray is already a favorite method of those who design or wear plaid! We love pairing a rich light grey plaid blazer with charcoal trim with a pair of coordinating trousers. This combination looks totally on trend for Fall and is super easy to wear.

Final Thoughts

With the changing of the seasons comes a necessary update to both personal and professional wardrobes. The changing weather calls for new fashion combinations to emerge and replace the hues from summer days long past.

When in doubt, try out the combinations above or even experiment with your own! However you wear these colors, be sure to stick to a style that suits you. After all, the key to looking good is feeling good in what you wear.
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