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Men’s Big and Tall Clothing Guide


This comprehensive guide is designed to help men of larger and taller statures find clothing that fits well, looks great, and feels comfortable. Whether you're a professional in need of business attire, or just looking for casual clothing for everyday wear, this guide covers everything you need to know about finding the right styles and sizes, and how Paul Fredrick caters to men's big and tall clothing needs.

What You Need to Know for the Perfect Fit

It’s impossible to overstate how important a good fit is when it comes to men’s clothing. Not only does an ill-fitting shirt or pair of pants look off, but it can negatively impact your mobility, comfort and confidence. Finding a perfect fit is especially important for men with body types that don’t fit neatly into regular clothing sizes. Throw in the different ways brands list their big and tall sizes and it can all get a bit overwhelming. Let’s clear up the confusion:

What is considered big and tall clothing for men?

Big and tall clothing is typically designed for men who are above average height or weight. This can include men who are 6 feet or taller and/or have a waist size of 40 inches or more. Clothing made for guys who land somewhere in this range almost always gets the “big and tall” designation, which can be slightly misleading. The category could really be broken down into distinct fits for tall men, big men, and those that are both big and tall.

What is tall clothing?

Tall clothing is a category of clothing designed for people who are taller than average, usually 6’ or taller, with longer arms, legs and torso. Tall clothing is designed to accommodate the unique body proportions of taller individuals, with additional length added in the sleeves, inseam and torso to provide a comfortable and flattering fit.

What is big clothing?

Big clothing is a category of clothing designed for people who require larger clothing sizes, but who may not necessarily be taller than average. Big clothing is designed to fit individuals who have a larger frame, with additional room in the chest, waist and hips to provide a comfortable and flattering fit for full-figured men.

What is big and tall clothing?

Big and tall clothing is a category of clothing specifically designed for men who are larger and taller than average. Big and tall clothing is designed to comfortably fit men with larger body frames and full figures and to provide a flattering silhouette. It has more room in the chest and waist and is longer in the sleeves, torso and inseam to fit taller men.

What are big and tall sizes?

Big and tall sizes are clothing sizes used to denote big or tall clothing. Although they can vary from brand to brand, typically big and tall sizes start at XL or 2XL and go up to 8XL or larger. Other sizes can include XLT for extra-large tall sizes, pant sizes above a 44-inch waist and suit sizes 44 and up.

How do I determine my size in big and tall clothing?

To determine your size in big and tall clothing, you'll need to measure your chest, waist and inseam. You can find our size chart here to help you determine the right size for you.

What types of clothing are available in big and tall sizes?

Big and tall clothing includes everything from casual wear like T-shirts and jeans to formal wear like suits and dress shirts. At Paul Fredrick we offer a wide range of styles in big and tall sizes, including our signature non-iron shirts, casual shirts, sweaters and knit shirts, suits and sport coats, Italian leather shoes and more inspired options.

Remember, you don’t have to be built like a defensive lineman or an NBA center to shop big and tall sizes. Even if you’re just a bit taller or larger than average, or you’ve had trouble finding clothes that flatter your frame in the past, big and tall sizes may be the way for you to find the perfect fit.

Big & Tall Sizes at Paul Fredrick

At Paul Fredrick, we strive to make as many of our products available to as many different types of guys as possible. No two guys are the same, or have the same measurements, so we offer precise and inclusive sizing in everything we can.

Big and Tall Dress Shirts

Let’s end the exhaustive search for well-fitted big and tall dress shirts. Available in our comfortable Classic fit (as well as Tailored fit for some sizes) our big and tall dress shirts are designed to have extra sleeve length and/or larger neck sizes.

If you don’t know your exact neck and sleeve sizes and need some help finding them, head over to our size guide for easy instructions and more sizing information. Knowing your measurements is a great first step towards finding the perfect fit.

Our big & tall dress shirts come in neck and sleeve sizes ranging from 16 X 37—22 X 35.

Big and Tall Casual Shirts and Knits

Enjoy the comfort and confidence of a big and tall casual shirt. With simple sizing, our big and tall casual shirt sizes are tailored to your neck, chest and waist size, as well as your sleeve & back length.

Our big & tall casual shirt & knit sizes include extra-large sizes from XL–4XL and extra-large tall sizes from XLT–4XLT.

Big and Tall Pants and Shorts

Find the fit you’ve been looking for with Paul Fredrick’s big and tall pants and shorts. Big and tall pants are for men needing extra some wiggle room in the waist and length in the in inseam.

Our big & tall pants and short sizes range from a 44– 56 waist.

Big and Tall Suits and Sport Coats

A perfect fit is even more important when it comes to suits and sport coats, where a polished, cohesive silhouette is the name of the game. Our big and tall suits and sport coats have extra room and length for comfortable movement and a perfect drape.

Our big & tall suit and sport coat sizes range from 44–46 Short, 44–56 Regular, 44–56 Long and 44–48 Extra-Long.

Big and Tall Shoes

Wearing the wrong size shoe is never comfortable and can even cause blisters or other foot problems over time. Our big and tall shoes are longer and wider to comfortably accommodate large feet.

Our big & tall shoe sizes range from 11–13, with select shoes available in size 14.

The Paul Fredrick Difference

While most brands only carry a few items in big and tall sizes, at Paul Fredrick we strive to make every one of our products available to men of all body types. All our clothing is crafted with the same commitment to quality, comfort, detail and style regardless of size, and we offer our Perfect Fit Guarantee so you can shop worry-free. To us, big and tall isn’t an afterthought, it’s just part of what we do.

Additional Questions

What materials are used in big and tall clothing?

Big and tall clothing is typically made from the same materials as regular-sized clothing. This includes cotton, polyester, wool and other common materials.

How do I care for my big and tall clothing?

The care instructions for big and tall clothing are the same as regular-sized clothing. Be sure to check the care label for specific instructions, but most clothing can be machine washed and dried on a low or medium setting.

Can I return or exchange big and tall clothing?

Yes—we offer a Perfect Fit Guarantee and free exchanges to ensure your confidence in every purchase. View our return and exchange policy.

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