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All About Linen

Linen is a textile best known as the quintessential warm-weather fabric. It has been produced for thousands of years by numerous civilizations, and surviving artifacts like the hieroglyphics below give a glimpse into just how important of a role it played. A clothing staple even after millennia, linen's continued popularity demonstrates its truly impressive staying power.
But how exactly has it remained the top choice for warm-weather wear, even with the recent influx of technologically-enhanced apparel? Well, linen is better at cooling than any other fabric because its super absorbent fibers wick perspiration away from the skin and swiftly evaporate it, so that you'll never feel clammy no matter how much you sweat. The nature of its construction allows for extra airflow so you keep cool and stay cool.
We offer pure linen and linen blends in many categories including suits, sport coats, vests, shorts, and pants, but the essential linen sport shirt is an excellent way to start your own linen collection. When it comes down to it, if you reside in a warm climate or are planning on visiting one, linen garments are an absolute must. As a bonus, linen is a smart addition to any casual look. You can be sure that when you're wearing it, you'll look - and feel - pretty darn cool.
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