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All About Egyptian Cotton


Even if you’ve never seen this fabric associated with dress shirts, you’ve probably already heard of Egyptian Cotton. It’s widely considered to be the finest type of cotton in today’s market and is often sold in expensive luxury sheet sets. Most recently, Egyptian Cotton has taken the fashion world by storm, and we are excited to announce that it will now be incorporated into our regular dress shirt collection. So what exactly is Egyptian Cotton? And what is it that makes this cotton so remarkable?

A Global Sensation

Nearly two centuries ago, an entrepreneurial Frenchman proposed an agricultural plan to the ruling Egyptian head of state. This plan was to introduce and cultivate a new type of cotton throughout Egypt, and that cotton became the fiber we know today as Egyptian Cotton. The project was a great success, and soon Egyptian Cotton became a dominating force of the colonial economy. During these years Egyptian Cotton was a luxury commodity available only to the wealthy through sales of fine linens and clothing. Thanks to modern globalization, we are now able to offer this much sought-after fabric as part of our exquisite dress shirt collection.

The King of Cotton

Because Egyptian Cotton is made from an extra-long staple fiber, Gossypium barbadense, it can be woven into higher thread counts. The result is a fabric that is more durable, stronger, and softer than other types of cotton. Another advantage of Egyptian Cotton is that it produces very little lint, so it doesn’t pill like other pieces of cotton and wears beautifully for the entirety of its life – which, by the way, is longer than those of other kinds of cotton! You may also notice that Egyptian Cotton dress shirts appear more brilliant in color than dress shirts made from other types of cotton. This is due to the higher density of its fibers, which makes the fabric more absorbent and therefore better able to hold and retain dyes. Now that we’ve explained the manifold benefits of Egyptian Cotton, we encourage you to take a look at our Egyptian Cotton dress shirt collection. Whether you’re looking for basic or fashion styles, we guarantee you’ll be pleased!

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