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5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


We’re well into the pumpkin-flavored-and-scented season of fall, which means time is running out when it comes to choosing the perfect Halloween costume. Inspiration can be found almost anywhere-- pop culture, a favorite movie, or maybe one of the new hit TV shows this season. But coming up with a creative and recognizable costume doesn’t necessarily mean you need to plan weeks in advance. Here are some quick and iconic costume ideas that can easily be put together using dress shirts and a few other pieces that are probably already hidden in your closet.

Don Draper
Getting ready to close out the series’ 6th season, Don Draper of Mad Men is still breaking hearts with pomade-slicked hair, a sharp suit, and tough attitude. Pick out one of your sharpest and darkest suit and a few accessories to pull this costume together as well as Don pulls together advertisements.

What Don will need: Navy or gray suit, whiskey glass, a lighter and a rapier wit.

Bill Lumbergh
Like many 9-5 office workers, the cult classic movie Office Space resonates deeply with their day-to-day work life. To really pull off this quick and easy costume, strap on some suspenders, remind everyone at the party to hand in their TPS reports, and break the news that you’ll need them to come in to work on Saturday.

What Mr. Lumbergh will need: Blue dress shirt with French cuffs, suspenders, coffee mug, and an irritating urge to ask people to work overtime.

Joel Goodson
If you enjoy being the life of the party, there’s no better option than dressing up as Tom Cruise’s character Joel from Risky Business. Hike up your tube socks, grab a pair of Ray-Bans and make sure to request “Old Time Rock & Roll” as you slide into the party.

What Joel will need: A pink dress shirt, white men’s briefs, tube socks, and a popped collar for Bob Seger-style air guitar solos.

James Bond
Whichever actor you prefer as James Bond, you can easily pull off 007’s classic look in minutes. Dress in a black suit and pack some (toy) heat for taking down international criminals without spilling a drop of your cocktail.

What you’ll need: A black suit, a tuxedo tie, plastic pistol and the swagger of an international spy.

Clark Kent/Superman
Behind Clark Kent’s tortoiseshell rims and underneath his dapper suit hides everyone’s favorite hero-- Superman! Don some spectacles and a suit for the base of the look, but really drive the superhero detail home by putting your favorite Superman shirt on underneath an opened dress shirt and tie. Tell the party guests to keep their Kryptonite at home!

What Clark will need: A crisp suit and white dress shirt, Superman t-shirt, thick-rimmed glasses, and the ability to fly faster than a speeding bullet.

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