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You’re standing in front of the mirror - you have your jacket, pants, and shirt ready to go but you’re feeling like your outfit might still be missing something. T his, friend, is where accessories come in!

If you’re looking into how to accessorize, then you probably already know that accessories are a great way to show off your personal sense of style. Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your everyday office ensemble or need an entire style revamp, adding accessories to your look is the perfect way to get you there.

You may be familiar with the more common men’s accessories, but just in case, we’ve put together style tips to cover you from head to toe!

Everyday Men's Accessories

Let’s dive straight into it with your basic everyday fashion accessories. These items are the pieces that you probably reach for every day - whether you’re heading to the office or out for dinner.

Neckwear Accessories

Whether you’re a classic tie kind of guy or feel more comfortable rocking a bowtie, you should always have a plan of attack when it comes to your neckwear. Read on for tips on how to spice up your neckwear game without taking it too far!

The Tie

When it comes to men’s suit accessories, the tie is probably all too familiar. But what if there was a way to spice up this classic accessory?

If you’re looking to take your tie from standard to stylish, you’ve come to the right place! There are a few ways to accomplish this, and the answers mostly lie within color, texture, and pattern.

Some Common Ways to Spice Up Your Tie Fashion:

  • Sport a bright colored solid tie for easy styling! Adding a bright colored solid tie to your outfit is an easy way for a quick style upgrade. This will keep coordinating easy, while also adding a stylish color pop.
  • Find a pattern you like to spice up your look - but always avoid clashing. If you’re new to patterned ties, stay away from other clashing patterned suits and dress shirts. This will keep getting ready easy and you looking fabulous. However, if you’re looking for a challenge, check out our blog on how to coordinate shirt and tie patterns.
  • Add some texture! If you’re too worried about playing with colors and patterns in your look, try adding a bit of texture. Don’t feel like you have to wear the standard satin tie – try wearing a knit one or one with an unexpected sheen to it.
  • Consider tie width.

When it comes to choosing a tie, it’s best to base its width on how broad of narrow the person wearing it is. If you have narrow shoulders or a rocking a slim fitting suit - go for a thinner tie. Alternatively, if you’re more broad, try a tie with a wider width.

The Bowtie

The quirky younger brother of the classic tie, the bowtie is always a great option for accessorizing. This men’s fashion accessory can be worn a variety of ways and is the perfect choice to kick your look up a few notches.

Thinking of adding a bowtie to your ensemble and not sure how? Start with your basic work suit in a simple color scheme and pick a complementary bowtie. Need some Inspiration?

Here are some easy suit and bowtie combinations that never fail:

  • Navy suit, white dress shirt, and light colored bowtie - a perfect spring look.
  • Gray suit, white dress shirt, and black bowtie - great for a more formal occasion.
  • Black suit, patterned shirt (plaid, stripe, gingham, etc), with a solid color bowtie.

Want to up the ante? Reach for a colored or patterned bow tie. Be very wary of how bold the tie actually looks with your outfit – because of its whimsical design, this is can be a risky way to look more like a nutty college professor than a serious businessman.

The Belt

Next up on our list is the belt! Often something you reach for by second nature, this necessary piece can make or break your outfit if you’re not careful.

Not sure where to start with your belt? First take a quick look at your shoes – do they match? If you’re having trouble picking the right shade of leather for your belt, coordinating with your go-to pair of dress shoes is a great place to start.

If you’re starting from scratch, start with a classic leather belt in dark brown or black. These shades will easily carry over from office attire to everyday life.

But before hastily buying a belt, there are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping that will ensure your belt is quality and stylish:

  • The bigger the belt buckle, the less formal the belt
  • Avoid having extra belt, or “tails”, by buying belts at the proper size
  • Make sure leather is soft, and does not crack when bent
  • Ensure stitching is tight, with no loose ends where leather has been sewn

With all tips taken into consideration, you will be well on your way to finding a stylish, professional and quality belt!

The Footwear

Always, always, always important in your accessory arsenal is the type of shoes. Whether you’re heading to a formal event or going somewhere a little more kicked back, the shoes that you choose can make all of the difference. If you’re not sure where to start with your footwear, first consider where you’re going:

  • Heading to the office? Sticking with a more formal type of shoe such as a loafer or a boot would likely be the best choice.
  • Attending a Benefit? Go for a more formal pair of shoes that color-coordinates with your look as a whole, like an oxford.
  • Heading to an office party? Jazz up your style with a pair of patterned or colored shoes! Remember, keep the rest of your look simple to help your kicks to stay center stage.

The Frames

Whether you’re rocking prescription glasses or reaching for a pair of readers, adding frames to your look is a great way to up the style factor.

The Sunglasses

First up on our list of frame styles are sunglasses. Not just for the summer, this accessory is the perfect way to add a pop of style to any outfit while you’re commuting, taking a stroll, or just enjoying the great outdoors.

When it comes to sunglasses, classic styles are always a fantastic choice. Avoid buying trendy or colored sunglasses if you can, as these tend to fade out of style fairly quickly and can be difficult to coordinate with your wardrobe. If you’re not sure where to start, try finding a timeless pair from a reputable brand, such as Clubmasters or Wayfarers, that you can wear day in and day out for years and years to come.

That being said – don’t be afraid to splurge a little on a great pair of sunglasses that you know you’ll get some serious mileage out of.

The Glasses

If you’re already rocking a pair of prescription frames, you’re in luck! Glasses are one of the easiest ways to up the style of any look in a very subtle way. Unlike sunglasses, when it comes to your eyeglasses, you can totally add a pop of color or pattern with a unique frame without looking overdone. Try experimenting with different frame styles to see which look best with your face shape and find the perfect pair (or pairs) for you to wear.

The Watch

One of the quintessential accessories on our list, the watch is a great way to subtly enhance your look. Whether you’re running errands or heading to a big board meeting, adding the perfect watch, can pull your outfit together.

If you’re in a more formal setting, keeping your watch minimal and classic in design is a safe bet. Look for designs and styles that you will wear for many years to come rather than something that are super on trend and will be gathering dust by this time next month.

When it comes to color, try to keep your watch’s hues and metals complementary to the rest of your outfit. If you’re wearing a charcoal grey suit, a gold watch may not be the best bet – look for something in platinum or silver to keep the color family similar and avoid clashing.

And before starting a watch shopping spree, here are a few additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t buy solely for a recognizable brand
  • Ensure timepiece size fits the size of your wrist
  • Check that the band is comfortable before buying

And as always, when in doubt, take a peek at the watches that the other men at your office are wearing as a starting point. If they’re all sporting a certain style, there may be something to it!

Occasional Men's Accessories

There are some accessories designed for everyday wear, and others ideal for special occasions.

The Pocket Square

Up first on our list of occasional men’s accessories is the classic pocket square. Most common in formal attire, this piece sits at the breast of your coat and can be arranged in a variety of shapes and styles.

Looking to add a pocket square to your ensemble? Consider matching it to your neckwear. This is a great way to look totally coordinated without much effort on your end. If you want to add a touch of texture or a fun pattern play, adding a pocket square is another great way to do so. Just make sure it is occasion-appropriate and coordinates with the rest of your look to stay stylish and put together.

If you’re looking for more style tips, check out our blog on how to match a pocket square.

The Cufflinks

Next up for occasional accessories are the ccufflinks. This set is often worn in formal situations, such as black tie events or weddings, and not typically in your everyday arsenal.

When rocking cufflinks, consider matching them to other pieces in your outfit, such as the buckle of your belt, for a complementary look. If you’re looking for more information on how to style your cufflinks, check out our latest blog on matching cufflinks.

Seasonal Accessories for Men

And now on to seasonal accessories! When the temperatures change, these accessories are a great way to stay weather-appropriate while adding a hint of high-class style to your look.

To start, always consider the three basics: hats, scarves and gloves.

The Hat

Most often worn in casual situations, a hat can be an unexpectedly cool piece to throw on when your look needs a little extra oomph.

If you’re going to a corporate sporting event or another casual outdoor event, spice up your outfit with a summery straw fedora or a wool cap for a chillier afternoon.

Know that hats are innately casual – so if you’re unsure what is appropriate, skip it entirely. This will save you from accidentally dressing down in a formal or business professional setting.

The Scarf

An oversized blanket scarf in a classic color or pattern is a great way to add a pop of cheer to your bleak winter looks (and stay warm, too). Or you can keep it simple by adding a smaller, lightweight scarf and tucking it into your go-to wool coat for a British-inspired look.

The Gloves

For gloves, always keep them simple and spring for something a little more high end, such as a classic leather driving gloves. These pieces can be easily coordinated with anything in your wardrobe and won’t look too overdone.

Finding the Right Fashion Accessories for You

Remember, if you feel like your outfit is missing something, it probably is. Go back and take a look at your accessories! They can help you express your personal sense of style, add a pop of color or pattern to your look, and amp up the style factor for any situation.