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Winter / Holiday 2011: Men's Clothing Styles & Trends

Winter looks good on you. There’s something about the rich fabrics, polished layers of style and festive holiday finery that makes a man look his best.

From the dapper double-breasted suit and requisite fedora to the relaxed appeal of a country gentleman sport coat and corduroy trousers, we’ve got everything to keep you covered with a comprehensive collection for the modern gentleman who demands style, quality and value.

This season red, purple and gold make an impressive showing and unique detail offers the wearer singularity, yet designs remain firmly rooted in the classics to ensure they’ll last for many winters to come.

As always, your Paul Fredrick dress shirt is a truly individual choice. Whether you’re a man of tradition or have a more contemporary point of view, our extensive collection will not disappoint. Rich shades of navy, red and purple are a polished addition to your business wardrobe this season. And “the trimmings” continue to play a very strong role in the men’s fashion world. Pleat detail, contrast patterned fabric trim and sleek European tailoring are just a few things to look for in our new dress shirt collection.

In tailored clothing, you’ll find some of our boldest offerings. Sport coats come with sartorial details like ticket pockets, suede trim, and shawl collar necklines. The mandatory – every man should own - grey suit is a luxurious option in super-soft Italian Reda® wool. And, the often neglected trouser becomes a distinctive asset in your closet with elegant detail like D-ring waistband closure, suede trim, and even some cargo pockets.

Luxurious to the touch and loaded with visual texture interest, velvet has always been one of our favorite wintertime fabrics, and this year we’ve loaded up on it. Great with a black tie for ringing in the New Year, or paired with jeans for a dressy-casual mix, our velvet sport coats — including a rakish double-breasted in burgundy — will have you cutting a dashing figure at every holiday party. Tis the season to layer and knits pair with comfortable ease in luxurious silk blends touched up with cashmere or classic merino wool sweaters. In lieu of a sport coat, the cardigan is a relaxed choice updated with colorful argyle pattern or plush suede detail. Finish with an elegant topcoat or sporty waxed cotton weekender jacket that keep you warm in style. And, on Christmas morning (or cozy winter evenings by the fire), why settle for ordinary when you can don a pair of ultra-soft cotton pajamas and velvet slippers from our Loungewear collection?

Before you know it the holidays will be here. Tartan plaid trousers, velvet scarves, and yes, even holly ties ensure you make a smashing entrance.

Polished, affordable options take on cold weather in style. Like we said, winter looks good on you.
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