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What's New for Holiday 2012

Skies turn grey this time of year, but it’s also the time when you’re at your best dressed. Let’s face it, the cooler weather allows for colorful and texture-rich layering feats, individual style touches like patterned scarves, fedoras, and of course elegant overcoats. But you’ll be seeing grey other places as well, and in a way that will certainly lift your spirits. We’re rediscovering this most classic and masculine menswear color in a whole new way, putting out more everyday basics in this most versatile color, as well as producing some of our most distinctive items in grey. Our Lambswool Bomber Duffle Jacket and Field Jacket are perfect examples. Cold-weather workhorses you can throw over jeans and a sweater, or dress up with a sport shirt, D-ring waistband pants, and a pair of monk strap shoes or dress boot.

Grey also abounds in our tailored clothing, like Pure Wool Flannel Pants available in solid, Glen Plaid or houndstooth, many suits and sport coat options, our Cotton Shawl Collar Sweater, and our new Belted Sport Coat. We know not everyone wants his suit cut the same way, so we’ve expanded our slim-fit suit options for the man who wants a more contemporary look. The changes are pretty moderate from our standard fit, so if you're at all apprehensive you needn't be. Slim fit suit jackets come with a slightly tapered waist, and the pants have a slightly shorter rise and are a tad slimmer through the hips. That's it, so give them a try (remember they're 100% guaranteed); they also pair well with our slim tie selection.

And speaking of dress shirts, this time of year seems to demand the most elegant, and so we’ve merchandised accordingly. Have a look our white-on-white satin offerings, for example, which includes a horizontal stripe (paging Gordon Gekko). And for the ultimate in elegance, try our Luxury 200s, our softest and most luxurious dress shirt which, as direct merchants, we’re proud to offer at an unbeatable price. This is extremely rare fabric you generally only find from custom shirt makers, and certainly not from our competitors. When you’re getting dressed up for the season’s nocturnal events, consider our new favorite color combination: black, white and gold. We’re presenting it in a number of ways, such as a black striped dress shirt with white contrast collar and cuffs, paired with any one of our endless gold-toned cufflinks and topped off with a regal black and gold paisley tie. With our usual breadth of selection, the shirt-tie-accessory combos with this bold color trifecta are almost endless.

And while we’re on the subject of ties, take a peek at our latest Italian 7-fold Ties. Seven-folds are prized by connoisseurs worldwide for the old-world craftsmanship it takes to make them. Sure enough, ours are handmade in Italy. They knot effortlessly, will last for ages, and are offered at exceptional value. Velvet is always big for us this time of year, and in 2012 we’ve come up with many ways to surprise you. How about a shawl-collared waistcoat in velvet, for starters? Our dinner jacket is a perennial, but our double-breasted chocolate brown blazer is sure to shake things up, day or night. And for those for whom less is more, add our black fringed scarf (it’s silk on the other side) to your holiday party outfits. We love suede for its texture and color, and this season have used it plentifully but carefully. You’ll see it as detailing on pants and jackets, such as the Suede Trim Field Jacket, and on sweaters such as our Mock Cardigan. And fear not: items such as shirts and pants come with a faux suede finish that'll come out of the wash just fine.

And finally, of our many new sport coats, we feel we should highlight one particular standout: a very Duke of Windsor tan windowpane, which we paired, in a nod to the Duke, with brown suede shoes, which he popularized. These are the kinds of things that make dressing a pleasure rather than duty. Like we said, the skies may be grey, but you’ll be looking your best.
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