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All You Need To Know About The Classic Sharkskin Suit


When you hear "Sharkskin," it likely conjures up iconic imagery from its heyday in the 1960’s, when it was the favorite of cool characters like the Rat Pack and even Elvis. It also saw renewed popularity in the 80's, with its stereotypical boxy silhouette and shiny appearance from synthetic fibers. Well, forget everything you think you know about this fabric! Today's Sharkskin is an updated, modern, super refined interpretation that has all the coolness of its prior iterations and none of the clunkiness.

Sharkskin is one of our featured Spring 2017 fabrics, and this season we're offering some truly special styles, like our brand new luxury Sharkskin suit separates and our ever-popular Sharkskin pants. First, however, a brief primer!

What Is Sharkskin Fabric?

Despite what the name might imply, our Sharkskin styles are made from 100% pure wool. Essentially, Sharkskin is a soft, smooth wool fabrication made by weaving two different yarns together. The result is a visually textured appearance and a slight sheen that is said to resemble the skin of a shark. Hence, “Sharkskin.”

Sharkskin Suits

The Premium Super 120's Sharkskin Suit is the newest style in our suit separates offerings. It's absolutely an essential, thanks to a smartly tailored fit, in your choice of the incredibly versatile tones of cool gray, warm tan, or slate blue - all with Sharkskin’s trademark sheen, naturally. The Super 120's element is what really sets this suit apart. That number refers to the fineness of the individual fibers spun into the yarn; the higher the number, the smoother and softer the fabric.

Therefore, our Super 120’s Separates are very smooth and soft to the touch, and you'll notice that the Sharkskin luster is enhanced by the richness of the Super 120’s fabric. Add in sharp details like a peak lapel, angled pockets, and pick stitch lapels, and you've got a remarkable product that is an unbeatable value for the man who wants to distinguish himself from the rest.

Sharkskin Wool Benefits

In addition to its striking good looks, Sharkskin boasts quite a few wearable benefits. Thanks to its construction, Sharkskin is a breathable and moisture-wicking, so it’s the perfect fit for transitional weather in the Spring and Fall. Our Sharkskin styles are weighted for year-round wear and are exceptionally durable, so they're in it for the long haul.

Sharkskin Pants

You might want to consider Sharkskin Pants, which are an especially sought-after style in our dress pant collection. Sharkskin is understated enough for the office, but would also be perfect for a night on the town. It pairs well with pale colors; the most important thing, though, is to keep the rest of your look matte and let the Sharkskin do the work.

Our Sharkskin is an elegant, polished fabrication that adds distinction, whether as a suit or as pants, to anyone’s wardrobe.

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