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Top Summer Colors and How to Wear Them

Today we’re going to touch on some of the top colors on trend for Summer 2015 and provide you with some ideas on how to pair them.


Yellow is one of our favorite Summer colors, and is especially versatile in that it can be played up or down depending upon what it’s paired with. As you begin to transition your wardrobe, you may certainly choose to incorporate more bright colors into your outfits. Depending upon your personal preference, you can find yellow dress shirts in shades ranging from understated to bold. Try pairing yellow with blue, purple, white, or grey. Just remember, if you’ve chosen a bright shade of yellow as your highlight, tone it down with something more subdued, and vice versa.


Blue is one color that is truly multi-seasonal. Indeed, it is our most popular shade of dress shirt! As with yellow, feel free to try brighter iterations of the classic blue dress shirt during the warmer months. In addition to shades, take the opportunity to experiment with patterns like check and glen plaid. It’s difficult to go wrong with a blue dress shirt, but try these pairings for starters: blue and tan, blue and pink, blue and purple, navy and tan, blue and yellow, and of course, blue and berry. Don’t forget about one of our top looks for Summer, blue seersucker!


Melon is another great color for Summer. It’s a slightly more conservative tone than yellow or its bolder orange relatives, so you may feel more comfortable utilizing it in your professional wardrobe. While melon is more reserved than some popular Summer tones, it works very well as a highlight for when you wish to incorporate some seasonal color into your outfit. For a smart look, pair melon with tan, grey, navy blue, purple, or with another superb Summer color, aqua.


Lavender is another of our favorite Summer colors. While lavender is never in fact not in style, this particular shade of regal purple finds its niche best in Summer. Like melon, lavender is a color that works well as a staple as wardrobes change over to a brighter color palette in the warmer months. We especially enjoy the look of lavender combined with tan, grey, gold, or even a deeper purple tone. We hope you enjoyed our recap of a few of the color stories that you’ll be seeing this season. What are your favorite Summer color stories?
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