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The Five Shirts You Need This Spring

Sublime Supima: Luxury American grown cotton with smart non-iron benefits

Also known as “the cashmere of cottons,” Supima Cotton is extra-long long staple, meaning it outperforms every other type of cotton in terms of strength, softness, and vibrancy. It’s grown exclusively in America, and the trademarked name ensures throughout the entire process that the fabric is made using only pure Supima fibers. All these benefits plus the ease of non-iron makes a Non-Iron Supima Cotton Dress Shirt an investment you can feel good about.
Sporting Non-Iron: Breathe easy in neat, wrinkle-free comfort Welcome to the twenty-first century! The non-iron treatment is an innovation that has simplified the lives of men everywhere. Dress shirts stay business ready all day, and even more casual sport shirts will never look unkempt. When you’re looking to just get up and go, reach for one of our wrinkle-free, no fuss Non-Iron Shirts. At the end of the day, you can simply machine wash and tumble dry your shirts; refresh them and remove any lingering creases with ten minutes in the dryer. Everyone will wonder how you always keep your clothes looking so sharp, but don’t worry - your secret’s safe with us!
Stripe It Rich: Fresh new lines get right to business Ranging from conservative to bold in size, shape, and intensity, stripes can add interest to your look. A dress shirt with stripes in a seasonal color or colors is the perfect addition to your wardrobe and can be suited up or worn alone for a clean, uncomplicated look. Up the ante with a striped French cuff shirt that features a white contrast collar and cuffs. Try something new! You never know, Striped Dress Shirts may become your new go-to wardrobe accents.
Up in Arms: Roll up the sleeves & keep it cool Spring demands relaxed style, and breezy short sleeve shirts provide just that. No need to worry about matching your accessories since there’s no tie required, plus short sleeves make it a uniquely seasonal affair even in the highest of temperatures. From our customer favorite silk camp shirts to pure linen sport shirts, to the classic 100% cotton dress and sport shirts, Short Sleeve Shirts have got casual cool in the bag.
Solid Tone Up: Shades of elegant interest Are you drawn to stripes but worry that they conflict with your understated style? Tone-on-tone dress shirts are the way to go for a more subtle yet still special look. If you’re unfamiliar with this style, tone-on-tone refers to the use of a pattern in the same color as the base tone of the shirt. This combination creates an effect that manages to be dynamic while still being sophisticated. White shirts are a good starting point; beyond that, we also offer Tone-on-Tone Dress Shirts in many other colors as well, from seasonal to classic neutrals.

If you’re new to any of these five shirts, we encourage you to do some experimentation with your style. Each category is available in a multitude of variations and colors you are sure to enjoy. So, what are you waiting for?
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