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Spring Pairings: Bring New Life to Your Wardrobe in 2015

Spring is a time of new life and bold colors: trees are budding, flowers blooming, the sun makes everything look brighter. Why shouldn’t you take on a fresh look as well? We’ve put together some pairings from our Spring Collection to help display the potential springtime has to offer.

Walk in Like a Lion

You know what they say about the month of March, as if being cold and fierce were the only aspects of being a lion. Well, lions are noble creatures, and wherever they go, the other animals stop and pay attention. We don’t have any golden manes in our Spring Collection, but a pearl grey suit made of pure wool will give you the same regal allure as the King of the Jungle. Couple it with a striped dress shirt, a medallion woven silk tie, and a paisley pocket square, and you’ll be sure catch the eyes of anyone in your presence. Just make sure you don’t forget the crowning detail: square cat's eye cufflinks. With style like this, you’ll never even need to roar.

Flowers, Showers, and After Hours

There’s no doubt that springtime climates can be a bit fickle: Mark Twain joked that he once counted 136 different kinds of weather in a single spring day. Day or night, you want to look good whether it’s sunny, breezy, raining, or mixing them all together. A striped seersucker suit made up of separates helps hide the wrinkles when the wind starts whipping, and it provides maximum breathability for when the sun comes out and turns up the heat. A white cotton dress shirt provides the canvas for a patchwork woven cotton tie, and an Italian silk pocket square with an anchor motif offers a bold splash of patterned color. Adding a pair of two-tone Italian leather Oxfords gives a lift to both your outfit and your step.

Take a Fashion Spring Break

New beginnings are the hallmark of vernal regeneration, and it’s the perfect time to spruce up your wardrobe with something original. Put away the dark, single-color suits you wore all winter, and instead get a checkered navy linen sport coat with a six-button notched-lapel vest to wear beneath it. Solid flat-front navy pants and an Italian silk pocket square with a subtle dotted pattern provides the perfect contrast. A white cotton dress shirt with a straight collar and a silk tie with a paisley pattern add the finishing touches that will draw people’s eyes toward you. Now perk up and head outside so everyone can see your fresh new look.

Always More to Choose

Maybe these options aren’t exactly the ones you’re looking for, or perhaps you want to add a few more accessories – cufflinks, pocket squares, etc. – to your getup. Browse through our entire Spring Collection for additional options and recommendations to really air out your wardrobe.
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