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Spring 11 Apparel Trends at Paul Fredrick

Oxford Weave Blazer
They say in spring a man’s thoughts turn to love — and baseball. But at Paul Fredrick our mind is always on one thing: bringing you an inspiring selection of fine clothing.

The first touch of autumn brings the excitement of unpacking textured tweeds and rich woolens. But just as pleasant is putting them back into hibernation and breaking out the light colors and crisp fabrics of your warm-weather wardrobe, which you greet like old friends back from a long trip.

This year we’ve got plenty of new friends for you as well, with a freshness and relevance that’s right on target and with quality and style that will last for years. Classic-with-a-twist is our specialty here, because we think it’s the best approach to dressing. So when springtime turns your thoughts to love and baseball, we’ll make sure you're dressed for a home run.

For Spring 2011 we’re proud to unveil new casualwear options. Our performance cotton polos, sport shirts and trousers offer the usual variety in color and fit, but have been tricked-up with attributes like moisture wicking and stain and wrinkle resistance. Stylish, comfortable and functional — pretty much all you could ask for in springtime cottons. And they’re affordable, too: Check out our special pricing when you stock up.

And because we love the back-and-forth, call-and-response aspect of working with customers, this spring we’ve brought back Customer Favorites. Think of it as our greatest hits, selected by you. Chart-toppers include spun silk knits, the all-weather reversible performance coat, and our Tropical Weight Wool Trouser. These are best-sellers for a reason. Give ‘em a try and see what all the fuss is about.

Linen is one of civilization’s oldest fabrics, and also one of the most versatile. This season you’ll find it in crisp sportswear like sport shirts and colorful, lightweight trousers. But we’ve also brought out linen’s luxurious side with our frankly spectacular Red Italian Linen Blazer, side-vented with soft construction for an audacious statement of relaxed elegance.

And speaking of relaxed elegance, spring is the perfect time to blur the lines between dressy and casual. Our silk suit separates look great with a tie or without, and prove that suits don’t just mean dressy and silk doesn’t just mean casual. Same goes for seersucker suits, which we’re now offering in more color and style options then ever before: rakish double-breasted, standard two-button or our new single-button stance, an updated silhouette for a modern spin on an old faithful. Uniquely suited for warm weather, seersucker is also available in a selection of sport coats & sport shirts.

For occasions when nothing but full regalia will do, check out our expanded selection of double-breasted options — the most elegant and confident statement you can make. We’ve got classic solid, houndstooth and pinstripe suits, and also a true original — a nautical-inspired sport coat in brushed navy cotton with elbow patches — for when you want to make a bold statement.

In footwear, our new Vibram®-soled shoe collection is guaranteed to put a “spring” in your step. Originally developed for climbing, Vibram® soles are half the weight of rubber, slip-resistant and more flexible with an extra-soft insole. Result: maximum comfort.

And, just to remind you, we never forget the all-important finishing touches. Check out our selection of spring headwear, including panama hats and patterned linen caps.

Spring or fall, rain or shine, casual or formal, and head to toe, Paul Fredrick has you covered.
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