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Simple Care Instructions for your Suits

Suits are expensive, and a clear understanding of how to care for them will extend their life considerably. It is important to know that the chemicals used when dry cleaning suits tend to strip wool of many of its natural properties. By following some basic guidelines, you can minimize trips to the dry cleaners and prolong the life of your suits.

First, if possible, wear a suit only once each week. This way, there will be enough time between wearings for the suit to hang properly and regain its original shape. Don't immediately cram a suit back in the closet when you take it off. Hang it in a place where it can air out. Hang trousers from the bottom on clips - the extra weight in the waistband will stretch the trousers and help to remove creases. Jackets should be hung on a padded hanger. This will help to maintain their shape. If your suit is only wrinkled after being worn, have a tailor steam press it.

If you follow this routine, you should be able to limit dry cleaning and get the most out of each suit you buy.

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