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Real Men Wear Pink

As Baz Lurhmann's adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" rolls into theaters this May, we will likely once again be treated to the immortal line from Fitzgerald's novel, "The guy wears a god-damn pink suit!"

Gatsby's choice in suiting is meant to reflect his questionable character. But while a pink suit may be too much for even the most daring dresser, these days wearing the color pink is likely to carry positive connotations, showing others you're stylish, confident, and even comfortable in your masculinity. Yes, the point of the popular phrase "real men wear pink" is that only those whose security in their manhood is rock solid would have the courage to wear what the uptight and narrow-minded consider effeminate.
We know our customers are neither timid nor bland, and so we celebrate pink in all its shades and across all product categories, in styles that range from sporty to sophisticated.

In neckwear you'll find everything from stripes and solids to gorgeous paisleys and springtime florals. Dress shirts combine pink stripes with blue and gray backgrounds, and if you like solids, then a pink pinpoint oxford button down with a solid black tie is as classic as it gets.

In sportswear we made use of pink in fun, seasonal patchwork shirts, a bright cable vest, and a striped cotton crewneck sweater that might just remind you of the character Otter in "Animal House."

Pink pairs best with traditional neutrals such as navy, grey and tan. With the exception of the time tested pink button down with black tie, pink and black are best left for outfits like the one worn by John Travolta in "Grease." Advanced dressers rise to the challenge of pairing pink with chocolate brown or olive.

As a final thought, we'd like to dispel the notion that pink only flatters certain complexions or hair colors. In fact, spring pastels are especially flattering to all types. And if that isn't encouragement enough to add more pink to your wardrobe, we'll close by saying that the phrase "real men wear pink" should really be changed to "real men wear whatever they damn well please."
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