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Packing for a Business Trip

Every business trip poses a series of challenges. This article will focus on one dilemma that is a part of every business trip - packing. In order to determine what to pack, check the weather forecast for your destination and determine what amenities your hotel(s) will provide.

Before you do any actual packing, we strongly suggest a list. Take into consideration the length of your trip, the business attire needed, the amount of free time available for non-business activities and personal preferences for recreational items and sleep wear. Once a list is made, select an area where you can lay out what will be packed, and check them off your list.

Keep in mind the following with regards to the business wear items. Shoes are heavy, so try to minimize the number of shoes you bring. Select suits or trousers that require only one shoe color. Additionally, comfortable shoes that can be dressed up or down, you will further reduce your shoe requirements.

Likewise, clothing that can be worn for both business and casual activities will help keep your packing requirements to a minimum. If your agenda requires business casual clothing, wool trousers and fine gauge knits such as mock turtlenecks and polos are quite versatile. If a shirt and tie is required for your business meetings, select a few buttondown collar woven shirts. These shirts can also be worn as casual items for leisure activities. Non-Iron dress shirts and performance blazers are particularly appropriate for business travel. Bring two neckties for each shirt packed, since ties are lightweight and can vary your look from meeting to meeting.

Make certain, before packing, that all clothing is clean and pressed. Unless you are utilizing a garment bag, we suggest that all items be packed folded and tightly rolled. Alternatively, folded dress shirts may be packed in the packaging used by your laundry service. Fold and roll all your garments before selecting a suitcase. Once you have done so, choose a suitcase that will be tightly packed when you are finished. The less room items have to move around, the less likely they are to wrinkle in transit. Invest in a travel steamer. This inexpensive item can prove to be extremely valuable if the need arises to remove wrinkles. We also strongly recommend that all toiletries be sealed in plastic bags or a waterproof carrying case before they are packed.

Whether or not you check your bags, always pack a carry-on piece with essential items, in case your luggage is temporarily misplaced. At a minimum, include underwear, socks and a clean shirt. Additionally, make certain that you have identification tags on all of your bags, including carry-on pieces. Once you arrive at the hotel, take the time to properly unpack and store all garments in dressers or closets.
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