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New Dress Shirt Trends - Fall 2013

As the sweltering summer continues, we bring you a new collection of shirts and ties, helping us remember that the crisp fall air will be here before we know it. With these new offerings we have everything you could want from textured shirting fabrics to rich patterns and colors to pair with your favorite autumn suits and jackets; fall is when we re-embrace the sophisticated complexity of the well rounded wardrobe. We're always refining our merchandise based on what most resonates with our customer, and most of you guys are asking for more variety in the non-iron department. Our pickins have never been slim, but this season we've harvested a non-iron bounty you surely won't find at any of our competitors. There are more French-cuff non-iron shirts than ever offered before, not to mention more colors and patterns.
Our pinpoint oxford button downs come in more variety than you'll find elsewhere, including a solid lavender and stripes in black and even mint green. Speaking of which, we've made a big presentation in black and white, a combination that needn't be reserved only for formal occasions. You can embrace its bold simplicity for the office and special events with our checked and striped shirts and these tie and cufflink suggestions. For those who love tried-and-true blue, variety is extra strong with some real standouts. We've got two particularly elegant bengal-striped shirts, a satin check, and an orange striped model with horizontal herringbone weave, all with white contrast collar and cuffs.
We've also come up with killer shirt and tie combinations that mix blue with tan, green and teal.

Those who crave variety in collar style will be happy to learn we've added a new one: an extreme cutaway spread with short points and a horizontal stance perfect for a full windsor knot. Pair with a double-breasted suit for a look that nods to London. And because small details often make the biggest impression, we continue to provide plenty of distinctive trimmings, both on the interior, such as collar lining, and the exterior, as with cuff and collar trims. Finally, as always we bring you a dazzling array of cufflink and necktie options in colors and patterns specifically chosen to match our unparalleled dress shirt selection.
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