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Made in Italy

Even among the growing ranks of global metropolises, Italy still reigns supreme as one of the most fashionable regions of the world. Italian products are renowned for their quality, sophisticated design, and above all, an artisanship refined over generations. That’s why we’re proud to offer a number of Made in Italy styles on a seasonal basis. This season, in particular, our collection is brimming with unique Italian designs including everything from Italian ties to Italian pants, to our ever-popular Italian shoes and belts. Learn about a few of these styles, then shop our Italian collection here.


Men’s Italian dress shoes are one of the most sought after luxury items out of Italy’s diverse clothing industry. Expert craftsmen use the finest leathers to create a shoe that is stylish and above all, exquisitely made. This season our Italian shoes range from the more casual loafer style, to oxfords and monk straps, and specifically for the cooler seasons, boots in a few different styles to suit all tastes. Don't forget to check out the matching belts!


Ties are another apparel category at which the Italian manufacturing establishment excels and that it is renowned for. Italian ties are a symbol of opulence because of the fine fabrics used as well as the unique artistry involved in their creation. Our Italian silk ties boast an elegant drape and come in a variety of different colors and patterns, the most popular of which are our paisley patterns. One particularly exceptional style is the 7-Fold Tie, which is made completely by hand by skilled artisans in our Italian workshop, which means that each tie is one of a kind. Essentially, the tie is self-lined using the same silk fabric as the tie, and the silk is folded seven times to create an accessory that is perfectly balanced.


Italian pants, in comparison, are a relatively new category for us, though an increasingly popular one with our customers. While one might not necessarily consider pants to be a luxury item, the styles we offer most certainly are. Produced with the attention to detail that Italian products have long been known for, the Italian pant styles in our collection are made from luxurious fabrics such as Italian merino wool as well as wool and silk blends. Another customer favorite is our flawlessly tailored Comfort-Luxe Italian Pants, which boast a natural stretch and convenient crease resistance in addition to its good looks.
Italy does of course manufacture many other types of fashionable garments and accessories besides the ones addressed above. We carry several of them! Our favorites include our Italian dress shirts made from refined Italian cotton in smartly tailored European design, accessories like cufflinks and beautiful printed and woven patterned pocket squares made from 100% silk, and most notably, our extra fine merino sweaters – merino is a very soft high quality wool that is an excellent regulator of body temperature and very comfortable to wear.
We currently offer merino sweaters in three models: v-neck, mock neck, and cardigan vest. We hope this introduction to the Italian styles of our collection has been useful in helping you understand why Italian fashion is held in such high esteem around the world. We encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunity to purchase these extraordinary products at our very reasonable prices. Now, have fun, and buona fortuna!
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