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Luxury Matters

But what do we mean when we say “luxury,” and how do we make it affordable?

Luxury really comes down to two of the most fundamental aspects of clothing: fabric and construction.

Fabrics are luxurious when they have a great “hand,” meaning how they feel when you run your fingers across them. We’re not just talking about mere softness here, but a richness of texture. This luxuriousness to the touch is also registered visually as well: Great fabrics simply look better to the eye.

You’ll find abundant luxury in our collection’s top-of-the-line items, like our suits and trousers made of wool from Guabello® and Reda®, two of Italy’s most storied fabric mills. 

When it comes to construction, luxury is found in old-world craftsmanship. That sounds like something you need to be a rich man to afford, but we’ve put it within everyman’s grasp. Our Panama hats, for example, start with leaves of the toquilla straw plant, which are hand-woven in Ecuador, and then blocked and trimmed right here in the US. You’ll also find handmade details in our seven fold ties, the finest type of construction when it comes to neckwear. Luxury also abounds in our Italian Leather Footwear, which is made in a country with one of the world’s greatest shoemaking traditions. And then there’s the half-canvas construction element found in many of our suits. While invisible, this feature provides enhanced structure for a better fitting suit right from the start.

The real benefit of luxury though is something less tangible. When you’re wearing something that looks and feels great, it makes you feel great. And that’s when your inner confidence really shines through. An easy smile and natural swagger are a man’s best accessories, and those are luxuries that can’t be had at any price.
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