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Linen Lookbook for Summer '17

Linen is, without a doubt, one of our absolute favorite fabrics for Spring and Summer. It’s very versatile and can appear by itself in a style that is made from 100% linen, or it can be combined with any number of fabrics like cotton, silk, and the ever-classic business fabric, wool. You’ll find pure linen or linen blends in our collection in the forms of sport coats, suits, sport shirts, pants, and more. People have been wearing linen for thousands of years to keep cool – come see what all the fuss is about! Here are a few looks you can create with linen from our Summer ’17 Collection:

Look #1

linen_sport shirt
For the hottest of days, consider a linen sport shirt and a pair of linen shorts. This particular look is perfect for casual Summer outings or even for just lounging around. Both our linen shirts and shorts are made from 100% linen, so you’re going to get the maximum cooling effects of that fabrication. Linen sport shirts are available in four different popular collar styles and in short or long sleeves. Linen trousers are offered in shorts and in pleated or flat front pants.

Look #2

linen_sport shirt alt look
Looking for a spiffed-up version of the previous look? Simply take the base elements, like a pure linen sport shirt, and add a simple sport coat to the mix. You’ll also want to swap out your shorts for pants, which are slightly more formal; choosing a business casual fabrication like breathable 100% cotton non-iron chinos will help you create a good balance for achieving a dressy-casual vibe. Add a natty touch like a pocket square, and you're ready to go!

Look #3

So while you might be most familiar with linen as a more relaxed fabric, it can also stand on its own or as part of a blend in business styles as well. A pure linen suit or sport coat is especially fitting for dressing up during the warm weather. As for the wonderful world of linen blends, mixing linen with silk will add shine and a soft feel to its familiar texturing effects; blending it with wool will contribute the polished structure of a wool garment while maintaining linen's amazing circulatory abilities. As we’ve just shown, linen truly has the potential to make up a substantial portion of your warm-weather wardrobe. Whether you decide to integrate it into your business or business casual looks, you’ll reap the rewards in great style and comfort all Summer long.
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