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Layering for Fall

Even though layering is an essential skill for any well-dressed gentleman, many haven’t the first clue how to go about it. We’re here to change that! For this article, we’ve put together a short guide that will have you on your way to becoming a layering pro in no time. You’ll be ready for whatever Autumn may bring – and look good doing it – so long as you follow these instructions. Always bet on wool. Truly a Fall staple, wool appears in many different products, from the expected, such as suits and sport coats, to the nontraditional, like shoes and pocket squares. Treat your wool garments well and they’ll keep you looking sharp for many seasons to come.

Wool is the quintessential business fabric: a natural, breathable fiber that is easy to care for, drapes well, and doesn’t wrinkle easily. Wool can be worn during any season depending upon the garment’s particular weight. For example, tropical-weight wool is perfect for Summer, whereas year-round weight and heavier midweight wool garments are more suited to the cooler temperatures of Fall. Invest (in vests).
The Sweater Vest The sweater vest provides an extra layer of polish and warmth in cold weather; an added bonus is that it helps pull together nearly any outfit. How to wear it: Match a sweater vest with a dress shirt or a sport shirt in a complementary color. Look for our coordinated Fall sport shirts and silk, cotton & cashmere sweater matches.
The Tailored Vest Once a staple of men’s fashion, the tailored vest has now become a rare touch for men of exceptional style. This dapper nod to the past will get you noticed for all the right reasons! How to wear it: Wear under a suit jacket or sport coat, or mix and match tailored vests with our coordinated pant styles. We've given you a head start with our "3 Easy Pieces" guide.
Stock up on sweaters. Similar to sweater vests, the long sleeve version can be worn with a dress shirt or a sport shirt that complements it. For a dressier look, pair a button down shirt with a tie and add a v-neck sweater or cardigan on top. Regardless, make sure your sweater is longer than what’s underneath, or you’ll look unkempt. Whether it’s a cardigan, mock neck, v-neck, or polo, the sweater is a garment for all seasons. Stylish and versatile, sweaters can range in weight from warm, thick knits to buttery, finely spun weaves. They are also highly personalizable, since you can choose between solids and patterned versions in nearly any color. We’d recommend toning down your work look with small, subtle patterns and soft colors; casual outfits may allow for more self-expression in your sweater choices.
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