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How to Find the Best Men’s Dress Shirt Online


Buying a men’s dress shirt online is a lot more convenient than going from store to store, and it allows you to explore and compare many different dress shirt options at your pace and from the comfort of your own home. However, ordering the best dress shirt for you can be difficult since you can’t try the shirt on or feel its quality. What’s the difference between a tailored fit and a slim fit shirt? What fabrics are best suited to your needs? Which collar type matches your style? To answer these questions and learn how to buy the best men’s dress shirt for you and ensure you’re receiving the highest value and quality, follow our checklist below.

Find Your Dress Shirt Size & Fit

It cannot be overemphasized: finding the right dress shirt size and fit are by far the most important considerations when buying any dress shirt. The perfect fit can make any shirt look good, but, conversely, even the most expensive, high-quality dress shirts will look off if the fit is wrong. If you’re unsure what your dress shirt size is, head on over to our Dress Shirt Size Chart

Now that you’ve got your measurements, Paul Fredrick offers over 50 exact neck and sleeve sizes so you can find the perfect one for you. Choosing a dress shirt that’s even an inch too short in the sleeves or too wide in the neck can make the fit look awkward, so precision in these measurements is important. In addition to precise sizing, our dress shirts are available in 3 different fits, ensuring your dress shirt has a “made-to-measure” feel. Similar fits are common among shirt brands, though the exact specifications may vary. Our fits include:

  • Classic Fit: Cut generously with plenty of room in the body and sleeves. A timeless cut that flatters most bodies.
  • Tailored Fit: More room in the chest and arms than Slim Fit, but a trimmer shape around the waist than Classic Fit.
  • Slim Fit: Tapered from the chest to the waist with narrowed sleeves. Offers a contoured silhouette. 

For guys that have difficulty finding a shirt to match their proportions, Paul Fredrick offers a range of Big & Tall sizes. Big & Tall sizing extends to our entire range of shirt styles and includes expanded offerings featuring wider neck sizing and longer sleeves. In addition, our Big & Tall shirts are made with a longer tail, providing a comfortable fit that stays tucked.

Combining the exact neck and sleeve size and a fit that flatters your body is a quick, easy way to get a dress shirt that looks and feels like a custom-tailored shirt without the extra fuss. Knowing your measurements will help you get the most out of your online shopping.

Choose Your Dress Shirt Fabric>

There are many different dress shirt fabrics out there to choose from. Some are more conducive to certain occasions or climates than others, so it’s important to learn about the different fabrics and their strengths. Here are our most popular dress shirt fabrics at Paul Fredrick to help you identify what shirt you want.

  • Non-Iron Cotton: The ultimate dress shirt for all-purpose, practical style. With fabric treated prior to shirt construction for superior wrinkle-resistance wash after wash, our non-iron cotton comes out of the dryer looking pressed. Ready to go right after your morning workout—or multiple snooze-button hits—it stays wrinkle-free all day, no iron required.
  • Pinpoint Oxford Cotton: Our pinpoint oxford shirts are the ultimate go-just-about-anywhere shirt. Its slightly textured weave and old school Ivy League good looks work as well with the traditional shirt, tie and blazer as they do with just a pair of crisp denim pants.
  • Non-Iron Linen: Lightweight and breathable linen gets Paul Fredrick’s top-quality non-iron treatment. An elegant, practical, travel-ready option perfect for hot weather, our non-iron linen dress shirts give you the comfortable feel of linen without having to worry about unflattering wrinkles.
  • Non-Iron Supima Cotton: Our Non-Iron Supima cotton dress shirts are tailored to combine luxury and performance. All-American Supima® cotton is naturally one of the softest and most durable cottons in the world. A ridiculously comfortable, long-lasting shirt, our non-iron treatment ensures that this shirt will come out of the dryer looking pressed and stay smooth all day long.
  • Egyptian Cotton: Paul Fredrick Egyptian cotton dress shirts are meticulously crafted of super-fine 140s 2-ply cotton for a remarkably soft feel and pristine look that is simply, well, exquisite. Handpicked for less breakage, its extra-long fibers are also durable, so it wears well over time. You can reap the benefits of a crisp dress shirt that will wow your colleagues and mentors as you climb the corporate ladder./li>
  • Broadcloth Cotton:Paul Fredrick broadcloth dress shirts feature a smooth weave and lightweight feel, making it a slightly dressier choice than the pinpoint oxford. Perfectly suitable for just about any formal occasion, from boardroom to wedding, it also provides the ideal canvas for the sportier patterns and prints of relaxed fashion.

Select a Dress Shirt Collar Type

There are many different dress shirt collar options in men’s fashion. Some lend themselves to more formal occasions, while others are decidedly business casual. Find the best collar style for you below.

  • Button down: Historically part of a more relaxed look, it’s a natural choice for business casual, but easily dresses up with the addition of a tie.
  • Straight: >Incredibly versatile, wear it with a tie and sport coat for a more formal look or ditch the tie for an evening out on the town. 
  • Spread: A dressier choice best worn with a tie. Pairs well with a full Windsor knot.
  • Tab: A neat, polished collar that requires a tie at all times. Crafted with an additional piece of fabric to hold the wings down and accentuate the tie knot, it is best suited for formal occasions.
  • Wing Tip: A short collar with the tips standing up, this is for your most formal events. Paired frequently with tuxedos and cutaway suits.

Pick your Dress Shirt Cuff Style

When buying a dress shirt online, the cuffs might be the last thing you think of. While the options are a bit more straightforward than some of the other things discussed in this article, the style of cuffs you choose is an important aspect of how you will style the shirt when wearing. There are two primary types of cuffs found on men’s dress shirts:

  • Button Cuff: Simple and classic, this is a standard cuff that maintains a crisp appearance.
  • French Cuff: Requiring cufflinks to be worn, this is a more elegant cuff often seen in formal settings.

In addition to how the cuff is fastened, there are also choices in the way the cuff is finished. There are two main styles. Standard, or barrel cuffs, are the most common variety and the one featured on most dress shirts. Mitered cuffs are a variation on the barrel cuff that features an angled notch at the opening and lends a more elevated, formal look.

Customize Your Dress Shirt

At Paul Fredrick, we love color and pattern, and we strive to make our products unique with exceptional details. Sometimes this means statement shirts with bold patterns and colors. Sometimes it means subtle contrast trim and placket details or dyed-to-match buttons. Color, pattern and detail are ideal ways to infuse creativity and personality into your wardrobe. Finding the perfect shirt isn’t just about fit or fabric, it’s about finding looks that help you express yourself. That’s why we strive to offer so many options, not just with size and fit, but with color and pattern as well. Here are some of the most common styles we offer:

  • Solids: Solid shirts are all about color. We use rich, vivid colors so that even simple styles are full of personality.
  • Stripes:  From the understated to the statement-making, stripes are a classic, incredibly versatile pattern.
  • Checks: Includes classic designs like gingham, plaid and windowpane. From casual to formal, checks can fit in to any look.
  • Paisley: With its unmistakable teardrop pattern, or boteh, paisley is a highly ornamented design that’s guaranteed to turn heads.
  • Dot:A nice way to add visual interest to your look, dot patterns are another versatile design that can be as subtle or bold as you like.
  • Geometric: An expressive design incorporating patterns of shapes, colors and lines.

In addition to these amazing patterns, at Paul Fredrick we also strive to add subtle details to each piece to make it truly unique. Many of our dress shirts incorporate contrast trim and placket details—features that make our dress shirts truly unique—so that even basic, essential pieces are distinguished and one-of-a-kind, just like you.  

Ultimately, the best dress shirt is the one in which you feel the most confident and comfortable. Finding that ideal dress shirt online can be difficult and confusing, but once you know the size, style, fit and fabric that you’re looking for the process can be easy and fun. Style is all about self-expression—and with Paul Fredrick’s online dress shirt guide, you have all the tools you need to find the perfect dress shirt for you.  


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