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How to Care for and Store Your Dress Shirts

Thank you for choosing Paul Fredrick! We know you’re going to love your new purchase.

Always read the care and content label to determine how to care for your garment. This is especially important because your garment may have different care instructions than those detailed here.

In order to get the longest life from your Paul Fredrick garment, we recommend following these instructions, depending on the relevant material.

Laundering Your Dress Shirt

100% Cotton: In order to get the longest life from your Paul Fredrick shirt, we recommend washing it in cold water on the delicate cycle. Afterwards, tumble dry the shirt on the delicate cycle. When the shirt is slightly damp, remove it from the dryer and use a warm iron to remove wrinkles. If you prefer to launder or dry-clean your shirt, we recommend asking for very light starch.
100% Non-Iron Cotton: If your shirt is non-iron, do not dry clean it! Instead, machine wash the shirt warm with similar colors. When finished, to avoid wrinkles, tumble dry the shirt and remove promptly. To remove wrinkles from hanging, place the shirt in the dryer for 10 minutes, then remove promptly. The heat from the dryer releases the wrinkles in non-iron. We go more in-depth and cover step by step instructions in our ironing dress shirts page Hand washing is by far the gentlest way to care for your shirts and will prolong their life the longest. Use a high-quality detergent and wash them in the sink or bathtub in cold water. If you machine wash your dress shirts, remove the collar stays, since leaving them in can warp the collar’s shape. Separate your white dress shirts from your colors and wash in separate batches to reduce the chance of colors bleeding. We've created a helpful guide to cleaning our variety of shirt fabrics. Learn more about cleaning and caring for each type, by visiting our how to wash a dress shirt page.


If you do get a spot on your dress shirt, take it to the dry cleaner immediately. Your dry cleaner should know which method to use to remove it, depending upon the cause of the stain.

Prevent sweat stains by wearing a t-shirt under your dress shirt. Choose a type of undershirt that covers the underarms, such as a crew-neck or v-neck t-shirt, not a tank top. An additional benefit here is that they present a better appearance under a sheer dress shirt.

Storing Your Dress Shirt

When storing your dress shirts, you may choose to fold them, but keep in mind that this method will leave creases. The most popular method of storage is hanging your dress shirts. Hang them on proper wooden hangers for long-term storage, as thin wire hangers are bad for a shirt’s shape.
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