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Grey-No Other Color Works Harder

The book and film “The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit” associates the color grey with mindless corporate conformity. But this is an unfair characterization, for if grey is popular to the point of ubiquity, it’s because no other color works harder for a man.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re big fans of navy, menswear’s other daily workhorse, as well, but navy often works better as an accent color, and it’s often a bit flashier. A grey suit would be the more subdued approach for an important job interview, and would be more apropos than navy for a funeral. Grey trousers (flannel for fall and winter, worsteds and gabardines for warmer months) are the most versatile items of clothing a man can own, as they go with essentially everything. Fred Astaire swore by grey flannel trousers, and he was no timid neophyte when it came to dressing. And for a change of pace from solid gray, look no further than our Grey Windowpane flannel trousers. But grey isn’t just for perennial basics. This season we’ve taken a fresh approach to it by seeing its chicness, basically as a substitute for black and white. A perfect example is our pure silk tie in Satin Houndstooth Stripe, which combines black with gray and a black-and-white houndstooth for an ultra-sophisticated neckwear choice.

For sheer understated elegance, nothing beats our Donegal three-piece in a classically English shade of grey. For something lighter and snappier with a dash of Rat Pack swagger, check out the subtle plaid on our lightweight Pure Wool Suit. Grey also proves a versatile and unexpected color for dress shirts, either when striped with white, or even solid, as with our Imperial 100s Dress Shirt. And don’t overlook it as a knit, either. Finally, our grey story wouldn’t be complete without something truly out of the ordinary. A great example is our modern Wool Jacket with tab collar, epaulets, and five-button front, a great fall layering piece and sport coat alternative.
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