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Gatsby-Esque Fashionable Today

When Nick Carraway tells Jay Gatsby he can't repeat the past, the doomed idealist insists "Of course you can!" That exchange, direct from F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, is drawn out for even more dramatic effect in Baz Luhrmann's new glitz-loaded adaptation, which opened May 10. And how appropriate, as we're in total agreement with the Gatz: When you see the sartorial splendor of the film, which is set in 1922 New York, you too will want to repeat the past. "The Great Gatsby" is loaded with the kind of style we love: Double-breasted and three-piece suits, two-tone shoes, all kinds of hat, bow ties, French cuff shirts and cufflinks galore. But you really don't have to repeat the past, since all that stuff never went away, and we've got it all. The difference between classic style and costume comes down to cut and attitude. Since we're all for giving tradition an updated twist, you'll always look contemporary in our clothing. As for attitude, well that's where you come in. So if you find yourself coming out of the theater inspired to up your game a bit, here are a few suggestions from our summer collection that will bring a dose of Roaring Twenties style into the 21st century.

You know the famous scene where Gatsby's colorful shirts are so beautiful they make Daisy weep? Well we've got you covered with dress shirts that go far beyond the usual white and blue, like our striped and plaid shirts in shades like lavender, melon and mint. Accessorize with our Crystal Martini Glass cufflinks. Nothing evokes Gatsby style more than two-tone shoes, and we've got some great ones this summer, including our Italian Calfskin & Canvas Shoe, brown and white Cap Toe Oxford, and Italian Calfskin Oxford. Gatsby is famous for his pink suit, and while you don't have to go quite that far, we've got some with panache to spare. Gatsby's also famous for his white suit, and ours comes in crisp white pincord. Our seersucker options evoke the Gatsby spirit superbly and come in multiple colors, button stances, and with optional vests.

You'll see Tom Buchanan in a suit with double-breasted waistcoat, and if you like the look, we've got just the thing with our Wool & Linen 3-Piece Suit. And in the sport coat department, try our Silk/Wool Windowpane in peach with blue plaid. Finally, since they didn't wear suits all the time, check out our wide selection of colorful summer pants in cotton and linen, and pair them with our Cotton Shawl Collar Sweater in nautical navy and white. Now go boldly this summer among the whispers, the champagne, and the stars.
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