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Dress to Impress in Red, White, & Blue

For many Americans, one of the most anticipated occasions of the summer is the annual Fourth of July celebration. Whether you’re planning on attending a family picnic or a work party, it’s the perfect opportunity to dually show off your patriotism and sense of style. We’ll show you the best ways to dress up or down in red, white, and blue.

Fourth of July Family Picnic

Shorts 1 Shirt 1 Shoes 1
First off, we all know that picnics are a recipe for mess. Whether it’s grass stains, barbecue sauce, or any of many other potential staining agents present at your event, it’s highly likely that something will end up on your outfit. That’s why we recommend wearing more saturated colors rather than light ones. In other words, don’t wear white! If you’re going for a patriotic theme, try a pink or red shirt paired with blue or navy shorts, or a blue shirt paired with red, pink, or a related color for bottoms. You may choose to wear a t-shirt if you’d like, but we find that a short sleeve dress shirt marries the best of both worlds – dressy and casual. Cotton is probably the best material for the situation: it’s breathable, versatile, and best of all, it’s machine washable! Finish off your outfit with a pair of your favorite lived-in penny loafers and a baseball cap for sun protection.

Fourth of July Company Event

outfit 2
Say you’ve been invited to a work party. In cases of professional-wear quandaries, it is always prudent to be overdressed rather than under. Therefore, a sport coat, a dress shirt, and slacks should be all you need to make a great impression. If the event is on the formal side, you can add a tie that draws from the colors of your sport coat and dress shirt; if the event ends up being more casual than you thought, it is always possible to remove your sport coat and let your polished dress shirt and tie combo shine. A patterned white dress shirt is conservative enough for almost any office and can be coordinated to complement the tone of your sport coat or blazer. To give your outfit patriotic flair, try a blue or navy sport coat, a red and white patterned dress shirt and pants in a neutral shade such as tan, black, or navy; the optional tie can be some combination of red, blue, and yes, even white. If you feel more comfortable in more subdued tones, a simple white dress shirt is always appropriate and can be paired with an array of colors to complete your look.

No matter the event, simply remember to have a safe, enjoyable Fourth of July!
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