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Fall 2016 Buyers’ Picks

In today’s post, we’re going to give you a peek into the minds of the people behind the Paul Fredrick Fall 2016 Collection. Our Buyers work closely with the manufacturers in their niche from initial design, product development, all the way through to the final delivery of the season's styles. Although every style is special in its own way, each of our Buyers have a favorite that they feel came out exceptionally well; alongside the debut of the new Fall 2016 Collection, we asked them to tell us what they chose from their category.

Dress Shirts:

Here’s something a little different! If you’ve already browsed our Fall offerings, you’ll likely have noticed that blue makes a significant appearance in the new collection. As a rich deep tone, blue is superbly suited for Fall. It’s little wonder then that our Dress Shirt Buyer, Michael, chose the Non-Iron 2-Ply 100% Cotton Solid Twill Button Down Collar Dress Shirt as his top style. He says: “My favorite shirt this season is our denim colored non-iron twill dress shirt. It's such a quintessential Fall look and the fact that it is also non-iron makes it perfect for the season!” The utilitarian nature of non-iron and the casual look of denim combines with easy button down collar and button cuffs to make this dress shirt one of this season’s no-brainers.


Next, we asked our Shoe & Accessory Buyer, Allison, what her favorite style is from the Fall 2016 Collection. She points to the Paisley Woven Italian Silk Tie: “My favorite tie of the season would have to be our elegant berry paisley design. The deep plum and purple hues in this tie, coupled with its rich pattern, are absolutely stunning. This is a must-have for your Fall wardrobe!” During the cooler months - specifically, Fall and Holiday - bright primary colors are retired in favor of deeper, more opulent tones. As such, plum and purple are both exceedingly popular color choices during this time. Save this tie for special occasions and be prepared to wow!

Tailored Clothing:

We spoke to our Tailored Clothing Buyer, Jess, about which style she’d select as her favorite. She tells us that rather than one specific style, “All of our Italian Pants are my favorite this season. I love being able to offer our customer really high end products at a remarkable value. Each of these Italian pants are made with masterful Italian tailoring of impeccable Italian fabric. You really can’t get anything like this anywhere else, especially at the incredible value we offer.” This season’s Italian pant collection includes the Italian Wool & Silk Pleated Donegal Pants, the Pure Extra Fine Italian Wool Pleated Pants, and the Comfort-Luxe Italian Wool Twill Pleated Front Pants. We’re so pleased to be able to offer you pieces of such outstanding quality; don’t pass these up!


Finally, we brought this same question to our Sportswear Buyer, Bethany. She says that her number one pick from Fall ‘16 is the 100% Cotton Horizontal Stripe Button Down Collar Sport Shirt: “With the success we are seeing in dress shirts, we are offering for the first time a horizontal stripe in sport shirts. This shirt is styled with the classic button down collar and the colors are very wearable. I just think this sport shirt will do well for us!” The shirt is particularly versatile thanks to its brown background, complemented by fashionable horizontal stripes in similarly pleasing shades of brown and tan. We feel that this sport shirt is an accessible, low-risk way to try out one of the market’s biggest trends. Overall, it’s a cool, casual look that’s an excellent fit for your Fall wardrobe.

This concludes our round-up of our Buyers' picks from Fall 2016! Which ones are your favorite styles?

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