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Polish Up Holiday Style With Precious Metals


Silver and gold – or as you may be familiar with them, the precious metals – are key elements of some of the most distinctive Holiday looks. Although Holiday is perhaps most known for its jewel tones such as emerald, royal blue, and rich purple, silver and gold are no less important to its overall color scheme. In fact, utilizing these tones is an easy way to achieve the intended kind of luxe, celebratory feeling that is unique to the season. Here are a few ways to incorporate them into your outfit.


Silver is probably the more ubiquitous of the two precious metals, and many consider it the easier color to wear. Start small with a silver watchband or silver plated cufflinks, but don’t be afraid to go bigger, like with a silver dress shirt or a shiny silver tie. Matching is simple because of silver’s close relationship to neutral grey; nearly anything you would match with grey is fair game for silver! Jewel tones make for a particularly smart pairing. The only colors silver truly clashes with are gold tones, hence the common “no mixing metals” rule. That means you should generally avoid pairing silver with yellow, orange, or even certain shades of brown. All in all, silver is a color you should embrace in Holiday as well as during the rest of the year.


Gold is a bit harder to match, but when done right, can create a tremendously elegant effect. Consider pairing gold in the same manner you might pair orange or yellow – namely, in moderation. Since gold is such an opulent color, you’ll just want to include small touches of gold, such as in the form of a gold pocket square or gold-plated cufflinks. A patterned tie with a mix of gold and some other color can be the perfect accent to an outfit. If you’re totally committed to going bold, let a gold-patterned dress shirt be the focus and enhance it with the addition of a few gold accessories. As far as pairings go, white is a great choice, as is navy, brown, or green. For extra drama, pair gold with black. Simply make sure your outfit is just the right amount of bold, and your style is sure to be appreciated wherever you go.

How will you accent your Holiday looks this year with silver and gold? Let us know in the comments below!

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