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What to Wear in Warm Weather

The mere thought of life before air conditioning sends shivers down our spines. How the species survived is a mystery to us. But while office buildings today may be climate controlled to keep employees cool under pressure, you’ll still want clothing items that keep you looking and feeling fresh as you shuttle from morning meeting to lunch appointment to dinner date.

So consider these springtime suggestions a “warm-up” preparation for summer, when things really start to scorch. By then you’ll be an old pro at dressing for the sunshine.


Wool breathes, allowing for air circulation to keep you cool in warm weather. A lightweight wool suit can serve you on all but the hottest days. Try our suit separates in lightweight Super 100's wool. Equally comfortable, our silk suit separates are office appropriate and the ivory may inspire you to take salsa lessons as well.

Sport Coats and Trousers

For a step down on the formality scale, pair a lightweight wool or linen sport coat with a crisp pair of linen trousers. And, a tip, don’t go all out solid. A patterned sport coat with a solid trouser or vice versa is a more dapper choice.

Dress Shirts

On days that are both warm and hectic, keep from getting hot under the collar with our many non-iron shirts. The lightweight cottons will keep you cool, while non-iron performance treatments will keep you looking fresh under the tightest deadline.

Sport Shirts and Knits

Our latest sport shirts come in a bevy of spring colors and do double duty. They're ideal for nights and weekends, but also work great under a sport coat or blazer in business casual situations. Same goes for our cotton or spun silk dress knits, which come in a bevy of spring colors, and are a perfect warm weather "dressy casual" choice. Linen is an ideal sport shirt fabric to keep you cool as the weather warms up.

Spring weather can be unpredictable. For cool evenings and sudden showers, try lightweight outerwear pieces like a tailored field jacket, which you can throw over anything, or a less structured soft coat, which comes half-lined for a casual attitude that breathes.
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