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Weather Spring to Summer with Flair

Have you heard the great news? Spring is finally here, and summer is right around the corner. Now that you’ve returned your polar fleece to storage, let’s discuss the most efficient ways to switch up your wardrobe in preparation for warm weather. The very first step you must take is to observe your workplace to discern a general dress code. This is especially important because some allow short sleeve shirts and shorts during the summertime, but others frown upon wearing them in a professional setting. If in doubt, always choose the more formal option. Most office buildings have a central cooling system, so you most likely needn't worry about being uncomfortably warm at your place of work if you choose to layer. Since our dress shirts are 100% cotton, they are soft and breathable, thus perfect for any weather you may encounter. If your workplace allows for short sleeves, you may wish to add several short sleeve dress shirts to your wardrobe. Both sleeve lengths are offered in fashion and basic styles so that no matter your preference, you will find a shirt that fits you! If you find that a dress shirt alone is not quite formal enough, you may choose to add a tailored vest, which will lend your outfit a polished finish. If you must wear a suit or sport coat to work, you should choose garments labeled midweight or seasonally-weighted. This means that these garments are ideal for wearing in Spring and Summer. In general, suits and sport coats made from cotton, linen, or like blends serve very well to keep you cool during the hottest parts of the year. As we mentioned, the most effective guideline for choosing the appropriate clothing for the weather is to look at the stated fabric weight in the garment’s description. Linen is probably the best material to look for in warm weather clothing. Not only is the fabric a superb match for the heat, but an additional bonus to owning linen garments is their durability and ease of care. Either long or short sleeve sport shirts made from linen would be the right choice for more casual work environments. Our sport shirts also come in silk, 100% cotton, cotton blend, and now non-iron 100% cotton. Pull a light sweater or sport coat overtop and you’ll be ready to take on the day! As for pants, wool is and will forever be king of professional attire. Appropriately weighted wool or wool blends will wick away sweat and resist wrinkles. Other popular warm weather dress pant materials include cotton and linen; look for a flattering fit and keep folds or pleats crisp for an ultra-smart appearance. Our Non-Iron 100% Cotton Chino Pants provide comfort and breathability and are perfect for situations where you don’t want to have to worry about wrinkles. As with suits and sport coats, it is generally best to choose pants labeled midweight or seasonally-weighted. Above all, remember that you should always look professional when it is required, and even when it is not. Err on the side of caution, and you’ll soon be known for your exceptional style.
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