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The Tones of Holiday 2016

Although every season of the Paul Fredrick calendar year has its own unique and exquisite colors, we believe that Holiday might possess the most magnificent of them all. Ornamentation is a common practice during this period, even among those who normally opt for a more muted look. Despite the sometimes gloomy weather, Holiday is a time of excitement and promise, and those sentiments are certainly reflected in the dynamic tones around which we’ve built our new Holiday 2016 Collection. Here are a few of our favorites:

Blue + Red

You might be asking, “What’s so special about blue and red? Isn’t Holiday the time to experiment with the bold and unusual?” Admittedly, we can understand your confusion. After all, aside from white, blue is the number one color year-round in our dress shirt collection, with red coming in third. But one should never underestimate the versatility of these two ubiquitous shades: there exists virtually no occasion for which these shades would not be appropriate in one form or another. In Holiday, blue and red signify luxury with fine fabrics and distinctive patterns. The exact shade is also significant – royal blue or deep red might be worn especially for formal occasions thanks to an intrinsic richness of tone. White is always an appropriate complement to this combination; alternatively, you might try navy or a neutral color like grey or tan for the remainder of your outfit.

Black + White

We just touched on how seemingly ‘ordinary’ colors can be made extraordinary with the right styling. That same concept is in play here. Black and white is an incredibly elegant combination – some would even go so far as to say it is the most elegant. No matter what one’s personal style is, it is absolutely possible to pull off a black and white look with ease. With this type of monochromatic look, you have two choices regarding how to accessorize: you can stick with the black and white theme, or you can inject color with the strategic use of accessories like ties, cufflinks, and pocket squares. We recommend the latter, since monochromatic can sometimes skew a little too staid. Red is an excellent accent color for a black and white scheme, but you could choose nearly any color to brighten up your look. Have fun with it!

Blue + Gold + Plum

This combination is, of course, flashier than the previous two, so it might be best served as a color scheme for special occasions rather than your usual routine. Since blue and plum are closely related, the two together are very pleasing to the eye. Both blue and plum are also superb complements to gold, and this three color combination is a typical example of the celebratory nature of our Holiday Collection. We do recommend keeping the gold as an accent and not letting it overshadow the rest of your outfit; a suit of tan or navy blue or a deep purple sport coat can be an effective palette for all three hues. Up your game with a dazzling pair of gold plated cufflinks featuring semi-precious stones or a seasonal enamel design.
Here are a few more of our favorite colors for Holiday:
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