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The Season's Best New Hues

Welcome to our Holiday 2017 Collection! If you’ve already perused our new collection you have no doubt noticed the impressive variety of colors we’re offering this season. Here are a few of the ‘latest and greatest’ color combinations and how you can work these hues into your everyday wardrobe.

Navy and Blue

Navy and Blue is a new Holiday duo this year, and it’s definitely one of the most wearable combinations of the season. The two work so well together because they’re variations of primary blue; their proximity on the color wheel means they’re analogous colors, which are the most natural-seeming and pleasing to the eye. Due to the conservative nature of the pair, this can be worn in both business formal and business casual environments. Navy and blue can be paired with navy, tan, or grey in finishing the look, and you can provide the perfect pop of color with a touch of red or perhaps the popular seasonal rust tone. Silver accessories add a hint of sparkle!

Grey and Green

Grey and Green is a combination that can be bold or more subtle depending upon the proportions you choose – the more green in the look, the less subtle it is going to be. Grey is neutral so it can be used in whatever amount you prefer; on its own, though, grey can be too monotone for most people. That’s why this green with grey undertones makes the two a perfect combination! In the office, we suggest wearing mostly grey and accenting with green. In more casual situations, use green as freely as you would like! Because silver is so similar to grey, it makes an excellent metallic addition. Pair grey and green with tan, blue, or triadic tones (colors connected via a triangular relationship on the color wheel) like purple or orange.

Ice Blue and Wine

Ice Blue and Wine is another combination that requires an equalizing balance to be struck between subtle and more vivid tones. Wine is a rich, deep, purplish red color, and ice blue is a very light, frosty blue. Ice blue is intrinsically an office-friendly color, since white and light colors like it have just the right amount of saturation without veering too bold for a formal work environment. Wine, on the other hand, is a very saturated color, so it’s best used as a complement to ice blue in conservative arenas. Still, one has a little more leeway with wine because it’s a darker color, so use your own judgement in creating that balance. Ice blue and wine go well with greys, especially charcoal, and navy; accent colors include variations of blue and purple-toned hues, and silver metals.

What are your favorite Holiday ’17 hues and combinations? Tell us in the comments below!
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