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Shades of Spring


In nature, the onset of Spring signifies the return of brightly colored flora and fauna. In men’s fashion, it is much the same. The rich deep tones and jewel colors of Holiday, while still present as a trend, are overshadowed by cheerful primary hues like red and yellow, plus more tropical colors like the aptly named seafoam. In this post, we’ll show you a few of our favorite Spring color combinations and guide you in how to wear them.

Sky Blue and Yellow

Sky blue and yellow is often considered the quintessential Spring pair. Since both shades are situated more on the side of subdued than of bright, the combination is very soothing and perfect for most office environments. However, don’t think that subdued means boring; the influence of eye-catching yellow ensures that you’ll stand out just the right amount. Enhance this effect with a variety of interesting patterns and textures, or reach for some striking accessories. When pairing these colors, try to balance out the yellow by making your outfit mostly sky blue or a different color – we suggest tan or navy. If you’re looking for a highlight, add something red to complete the primary color wheel.

Navy and Light Pink

Navy and light pink is a color combination that is still conservative, but is a little more fashion-forward thanks to the striking contrast of light and dark. On its own, navy has the potential to be too flat or too dark, but pairing it with light pink adds that necessary pop of color. You can find navy and light pink in a patterned dress shirt from our collection, or you can choose one hue as a solid and accent it with accessories, like ties, cufflinks, or pocket squares, in the other shade. As for the rest of your outfit, white or pearl grey makes a good color match for this color combination. Spring is all about the lighter side of things, so try to avoid going too dark, and don’t forget to have fun with it!

Pearl Grey and Purple

Pearl grey is yet another great seasonal color, although it truly can be utilized any season as a wardrobe staple due to its classic neutral status. Pearl grey is called this because it is lighter than the typical grey and has an almost silver tone to it. For Spring, we are especially fond of pairing pearl grey and purple. Pearl grey’s resemblance to the precious metal silver complements rich purple’s association with royalty, and the result of combining these shades is a very luxurious look. It is easy to include pearl grey in your outfit, whether in the form of a dress shirt, suit or sport coat, or even accessories. As with light pink, purple will add a vital pop of color in similar fine form. This combination works well with white, blue, or gradients of the originals such as lavender or charcoal.

Whichever combination you choose, just remember that confidence in wearing it is key. Your clothing plays a significant role in how others perceive you, so selecting a unique combination from our Spring Collection shows that you have taken care of your appearance. You are certain to leave a favorable impression.

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