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Outfit Your Holiday In Color

Holiday may very well be our favorite season. Open up our catalog and you’ll see why! Ranging from cheerful primary hues to refined earthy shades to dazzling jewel tones, our Holiday color stories are some of the most spectacular of the year. In this article, we’ll share a few of our favorite color combinations for the season and show you how to wear them.
Brown and Red Truly, both brown and red are eminently wearable in any season. Brown is a versatile neutral and red can provide any outfit with a lively pop of color; as a combination, they are well suited for Holiday and prove to be a sophisticated duo. Red is a very confident hue and can easily overtake your outfit, but pair it with brown and the result will be elegant and most certainly not drab. If you were to wear a brown and red dress shirt, for example, you could pair it with a suit or pants in brown, rust, or tan. As far as accessories go, you may certainly choose to add more red (albeit sparingly), and both silver and gold work well with these colors.
Merlot and Bronze Merlot is a dark purple with hints of brown and red undertones. It is this deepness of color that makes merlot a more conservative member of the purple family. However, don’t make the mistake of confusing “conservative” for “boring” - merlot is actually quite a rich color. Bronze is another rich hue that is often underused, but is especially suited for the bold fashion of Holiday. Bronze itself is a mixture that can be described as fitting somewhere between red-orange and brown. Since both merlot and bronze share these color influences, combining them creates a harmonious pairing. You can wear these colors with warm, bright colors like red, orange, yellow, or gold, or for a more traditional look you can pair them with blue, brown, or tan items.
Black and Gold As you probably already know, black is a color that is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Perhaps the most versatile of all the neutrals and probably of any palette, period, black is the base upon which to build an outfit. You may not be as familiar with gold tones, although you should be. Both black and gold are elegant colors but differ in that gold’s intrinsic ornateness contrasts black’s simplicity and subtlety. Combine these complementary qualities, and the effect is something very special. Holiday in particular is the perfect season to show off this marvelous color pairing: dress it up with a black suit and gold accents, or go casual in always-appropriate white with black and gold patterning. To preserve the chic contrast, stick to these tones when choosing the remainder of your outfit. What are your favorite Holiday colors? Share them in the comments!
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