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Layering for Spring (and Beyond)

Guys, it's finally time to gear up for Spring! One of the hallmarks of the season is its fluctuating temperatures, not to mention its characteristically volatile weather patterns - "April showers," and all that. In the morning, it may be one temperature, in the afternoon another, and in the evening a totally different one. We’ve done our part to prepare you for warm weather by offering lighter fabrications and seasonal textiles such as wool, silk, and linen blends. So now it's time to talk about how to layer clothes, an essential part of any sartorial strategy. Lightweight separates layer in warmth when you need it and remove easily when you don't. Below, a quick look at some cool ways to pull it all together.
While there’s still a chill in the air (and ideally, on a regular basis), you should always have a sweater handy – keep one in your office and one in your car so you’ll never be without a sweater when you need one. If you tend to feel cold often, you might prefer a thicker, warmer fabric like Silk, Cotton, & Cashmere; if you’re looking for a lighter-weight fabric, any of our 100% Pima Cotton styles would be ideal. You’ll want to keep your shirt tucked in under your sweater, as an untucked shirt can look unintentional and sloppy. Lend some flair to this simple formula by wearing a dress shirt underneath a v-neck sweater. This will give you the opportunity to show off your dress shirt and tie as well as whatever dapper sweater design you’ve chosen.
Utilized properly, a sweater can be an integral part of creating the perfect outfit. For example, on more casual days, a sweater vest layered over a patterned sport shirt is a very smart look. We’ve even designed several matching sport shirts and sweaters in our current collection for this very purpose! All in all, adding a sweater vest is a very easy way to appear polished and effortless at the same time. Alternatively, you can spiff up a casual look by wearing a sweater vest or long sleeve sweater underneath a sport coat. For a dressier air, pair with wool gabardine or another type of dress pant; for a more laid-back air, a sport coat and sweater go well with jeans or chinos.
If you’re intent on formality, however, a quick way to make a suit transitional is to wear a three-piece. A vest provides another layer of insulation and when appropriate you can remove the jacket if you become too warm. A three-piece suit is not as common nowadays so in addition to staying warm, you’ll stand out for your nod to the past. A step down in formality would simply involve a pair of dress pants, a dress shirt, and a single or double-breasted tailored vest. Most guys don’t think of adding the special detail of a vest, so it’s a very singular, sharp look. Don’t forget an interesting tie! There are so very many ways you can step up your style with layering. Use the methods we just demonstrated to achieve style that is both functional and fashionable.
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