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Game-Day Outfit Challenge

Football season is officially wrapping up. The playoffs have ended, which means the Superbowl is just around the corner. Hopefully you’re not feeling too deflated if your team didn’t make it, but if you happen to be a fan of New England or Seattle, then it’s time to express your love like never before. Since you’re not going to be able to show up to the office wearing face-paint or that old jersey of yours, we thought it would be useful to put together some game-day outfit ideas for fans looking to show their support.
We talked with a number of bloggers from the fashion community and this is what some of them had in mind:
Leanne from Classy Yet Trendy kept to the theme of her blog by putting together a formal game-day party outfit and showing some Seahawks love.
Even though the Lions didn’t fare too well during the playoffs, Kate over at Fashionably Kate broke down some of the best ways to coordinate patterns and colors for your game-day attire.

We’ve already discussed what makes a sharp dressed man, and Beth from Sunshine and Sequins shows how a man can be dapper and still show some team love with her Titans ensemble.
Some say that it’s all about choosing the right colors when putting together your game-day outfit. Both Amanda from Southern Glamourista and Jamie from Treats and Trends prove just that with their Cowboys and Broncos outfits respectively.
Lastly, Liv over at Lattes with Liv put together a few stylish wardrobes that will be quite appropriate for the big game this Sunday.

So no matter which team you’re looking to show a little love for while at the office, you can definitely express your passion and fandom while still looking your best!
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