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DIY Halloween Costume Challenge

Halloween is quickly approaching, and we know that you're probably thinking about what you're going to wear to this year's Halloween bash. Buying an outfit at a costume shop is a popular option, but many prefer to wear homemade costumes because they tend to be more budget-friendly and can be more unique than the same old choices appearing in stores year after year. Luckily for you, it's a cinch to create a costume utilizing almost exclusively items from your own closet. Depending upon the character you choose, you might need to go out and purchase a couple of accessories, but you've already got most of your costume on hand already! Here's an example of a do-it-yourself costume using a few styles from our collection plus a couple of inexpensive items you can find in many stores. All you'll need is:
target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"> clark-kent
Simply leave open some of the buttons of your dress shirt so that it's possible to see the distinctive "S" peeking out from underneath, and voilà! You're Clark Kent!
We asked our community of style bloggers to choose a few items from our current collection and use them to create an original costume. Here are two examples of costumes you too can make at home! Amy of Amy's Fashion Blog came up with the idea for a doctor costume. She says: "This costume is super easy to put together, since most men already have these clothing pieces in their closet. Therefore, this costume won't cost you a lot of money." According to Amy, you'll only need four items for this costume:
We also talked to Ria of It's My Party, who told us that "the whole intention of making your own costume is to cut down on cost, and explore your creative streak. Your Halloween costume need not break the bank! It should be cost savvy, easy to put together, and something you may already have in your closet." She developed this hillbilly costume using these common and easy to find items:
  • "A checkered or plaid shirt
  • Loose jeans or overalls
  • Suspenders if you don't have overalls
  • Tattered or old boots
  • Straw hat or even a fedora
  • A pipe or a hay straw to chew on
  • A bandanna or scarf if you have one
  • Fake buck teeth you can buy for less than a dollar
  • A banjo or big jug for added effect"
Will you be creating your own costume this year? Share your tips and tricks here!
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