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Colors for Men's Apparel this Spring

Color has always played a dynamic role in menswear. It was prevalent until the Industrial Revolution, when factory owner and worker alike became united in somber shades of black and grey.

We’re still grandsons of the Victorians, with most men wearing dark suits for business. But most guys aren’t afraid of a dash of color in their shirt or tie. And even the most sober businessman likes to ditch his drab weekday uniform on the golf course and wear things like green pants and pink shirts.

For Spring 2011, we’ve got three favorite color motifs spread across all product categories, from dress shirts and ties to polos and sweaters.


Melon : Not as vivid as orange nor as pastel as peach, melon is a great shade for the color cautious who wants to brighten his spring wardrobe. A melon tie and pocket square takes a dark and serious double-breasted pinstriped suit and lightens it up for sunny weather.

Blue + Color

Blue is the best anchor hue for colors, and this season we’ve given it extra emphasis. Check out the interplay between the blue cotton and pink satin stripes on this patterned dress shirt, and our classic check dress shirt that mixes blue with yellow, berry, purple, green or orange.

Blue not only serves as a backdrop for bright colors, it can also leap to the forefront and steal the spotlight. Have a look at these combinations of blue and brown/tan in these shirt and tie combos. We bet they’ll work with most of the suits, sport coats and trousers already in your closet.

Red, White and Blue

Red, White & Blue: And if there’s one combination blue was meant for here in the US (and maybe France), it’s red and white. Politicians work this combination all the time with navy suit, white dress shirt and red tie — our version crosses party lines and will get your vote of confidence.

For another dashing approach, try this red, white & blue shirt and tie combo. Or pair jeans and a white shirt with our Red Italian Blazer. We’re sure they’ll have you setting off fireworks.
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