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All About Trousers

Getting the right fit is always important. Fortunately, trousers aren’t as complicated as jackets where you have to worry about making sure the sleeves fall straight from the shoulders. Or, making sure the collar rests snugly against the back of the neck. Still, we like to point out four common misconceptions when it comes to being the one who “wears the pants in the family.”

#1 - Flat front pants are only for the young and skinny.

This simply isn’t true. If you don’t have a 32-inch waist, baggy pleated pants can often make you look even heavier. Flat versus pleated really comes down to personal preference, not body type. And there’s no need to take sides. For example, you can have pleats on your suit pants but wear plain-front chinos on the weekend. Works for us.

#2 - Flat front pants, no cuff. Pleated pants, cuff optional.
You hear this old canard all the time, and it just isn’t necessarily so. The traditional American preppy pant has always been plain front with cuffs (even on khakis). Flat front or pleated, all our trousers come unhemmed, so you can get exactly what you want.

#3 - Short men should wear their pants longer.
Actually, the opposite is true: A full break will actually make a short man look even shorter. We find a slight to moderate break on trouser hems — regardless of a man’s height —to be more sophisticated anyway, as extra fabric flapping around the ankles simply looks sloppy.

#4 - Wear your trousers on your waist.
The increasing prevalence of jeans over the past few decades has confused many men about how their trousers are supposed to hang. While jeans are worn on the hips, dress pants should be worn above the hipbone on the waist. The short man looking to lengthen his leg line should look at where his pants begin, not where they end. Wear them a bit higher, but with a shorter break.

Lastly, a measuring tip. Get your inseam from your closet. Use a pair of trousers that breaks exactly where you like it, laid flat, and measure inches from the crotch seam to the bottom of one leg. Much better results than the awkwardness of measuring yourself.
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