Custom Dress Shirts

One of life’s great luxuries is the made to measure custom dress shirt. Imagine walking into the shop of an expert shirt maker. He takes out his tape measure and begins to measure your neck (16 1/2) and your sleeve length (33 1/2) and more. After your measurements have been completed and recorded, the shirt maker shows you a wide variety of fabrics in a plethora of colors and patterns. Once fabric choices have been made, numerous other specifications must be determined. Would you like a pocket (or two) on the shirt? Do you prefer French or button cuffs? What type of collar would you like? The decisions are seemingly endless. But once you have completed the specifications, the expert shirt maker can then hand cut and sew a shirt that is perfect for you in every way – perfect styling and perfect fit.

There are, of course, a few challenges in getting that made to measure custom shirt. Expert shirt makers are few and far between these days, and if you are fortunate enough to find one, each shirt will set you back from $150-300 (there is generally a minimum order quantity greater than one). However, due to advancements in both order taking technology and manufacturing processes, you can now enjoy the next best thing to a made to measure dress shirt. Custom dress shirt programs that allow you to select from a pre-set menu of choices for every element of the construction of your shirt offer a great alternative to “off the shelf” shirts. If you find that standard dress shirt sizing does not work for you, or if your sense of style is a bit more sophisticated than most, you can design a custom dress shirt for about $80 to $150 depending upon your fabric preference.

Here’s how it works. First, you choose from a selection of fabrics, patterns and colors. A typical fabric assortment will include 80’s pinpoint oxford, 100’s broadcloth, and a luxury fabrics such as 140’s and 200's broadcloth. You will then select from a menu of neck and sleeve length sizes, as well as general fit specifications (typically regular or trim fit and standard or short body). You will then choose a collar style and color, a cuff style and a stitching preference (1/4 inch or edge stitch). Other options include type of placket (front shirt closure), pocket selection, back pleat style and monogramming color and type. After choosing all your specifications, you will be given an opportunity to review your selections before the order process is completed.

Delivery time on a custom shirt is typically 7-9 weeks, and as mentioned earlier, prices range from $80-$150. So whether you wear a dress shirt size that is difficult to find, or you are a budding designer who knows exactly what you want, custom dress shirts are a great alternative to the “off the shelf” variety.

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