Clearance Big & Tall

Never compromise on fit, style or price with the men's clearance big and tall collection from Paul Fredrick. We carry traditional and more contemporary styles with big and tall men's sport coats and big and tall men's suits in up to a 58 long. Discover the great fashion and fit of the Paul Fredrick men's clearance all big and tall collection. With Paul Fredrick, you'll never have to sacrifice style for fit.

100% Cotton Seersucker Double-Breasted Peak-Lapel Suit Separate Jacket
#RMF409J $219.50
NOW $55.95 - $129.95
Single Breasted also available
100% Cotton Seersucker Two-Button Notch Lapel Suit Separate Jacket
#RMF401J $219.50
NOW $139.95
Double Breasted also available
100% Wool Stripe Three-Button Notch Lapel Suit
#RSJ715N $399.50
NOW $249.95
100% Cotton Seersucker Pleated Suit Separate Pants
#RMF421T $99.50
NOW $24.95 - $49.95
Flat Front also available
Wool & Silk Sharkskin Two-Button Peak Lapel Suit
#RMJ510N $429.50
NOW $359.95
100% Cotton Seersucker Six-Button Suit Separate Vest
#RMF444V $99.50
NOW $29.95
100% Cotton Seersucker Pleated Shorts
#RMF456T $99.50
NOW $29.95
100% Cotton Seersucker Flat Front Suit Separate Pants
#RMF432T $99.50
NOW $49.95
Pleated also available
Wool Blend Plaid Double Breasted Notch Lapel Coat
#ZHH539C $299.50
NOW $239.95
100% Wool Flannel Stripe Vest
#ZMH134V $99.50
NOW $84.95
Cotton & Cashmere Heathered V-Neck Pullover Sweater
#KPJ151L $89.50
NOW $29.95
Merino Wool Blend V-neck Sweater
#KMH230L $69.50
NOW $29.95
Cotton Chino Flat Front Pants
#PMJ525N $99.50
NOW $44.95
Pleated Front also available
Cotton Chino Pleated Shorts
#PMJ550N $69.50
NOW $35.95 - $39.95
Cotton Chino Pleated Pants
#PMJ500N $99.50
NOW $59.95 - $69.95
Flat Front also available
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