Cotton Pants

You'll love the casual elegance of men's cotton pants with the perfect fit at Paul Fredrick. Explore our wide collection of men's cotton pants in a variety of fine fabric seasonal styles. Cotton trousers from Paul Fredrick are the ideal choice for all of your business casual occasions. And you'll always shop with confidence at Paul Fredrick, where we guarantee a perfect fit.

Cotton Denim Pleated Pants
#PMJ350N $99.50
Flat Front also available
100% Cotton Moleskin Pleated Pants
#PHJ600N $99.50
NOW $49.75
100% Cotton Corduroy Pleated Pants
#PHJ400N $99.50
NOW $69.95
Flat Front also available
100% Cotton Corduroy Flat Front Pants
#PHJ430N $99.50
NOW $69.95
Pleated Front also available
Cotton Denim Flat Front Pants
#PHJ340N $99.50
Pleated Front also available
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