Clearance Accessories

Explore clearance accessories from Paul Fredrick and discover how the little things can refine your men's fashion look. Shop Paul Fredrick men's clearance accessories today and bring your style to the next level.

Game Day
Shaving Set
Pre-Shave & Aftershave
#SK2009P $39.75
NOW $18.95
Game Day
Soothing Balm
#SK2005S $24.75
NOW $11.95
Game Day
Hydrator + SPF 30
#SK2003M $32.75
NOW $15.95
Game Day
Shower Gel
Body & Face Cleanser
#SK2004C $22.75
NOW $10.95
Game Day
Invigorating Scrub
#SK2006S $22.75
NOW $10.95
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